Question about Amarr Mining Missions

Hi all, i have a multipurpose subcap pilot 47m capable to fly mining barges IV , freghters, DST and other ships, with a good drone backups. Currently he is configured to mem/int and cant respec to per/wil until may / 2018.

For many reasons i want to give him amarr / caldari faction standings (already have min/gal one), and i asking for suggestion for a good NPC corp to do MINING or distribution missions for in the Amarr / Caldari area.

He already have trained social and connection to IV.


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Joint Harvesting is probably your best bet for Amarr. Hjoramold in the Minmatar Cosmos constellation has mining, distribution and storyline agents. Bear in mind that missions run for Amarr will give you a derived standing loss for Minmatar and Gallente and the storyline missions that give the faction standing are likely to be security missions.

You may be better off running the SOE Epic Arc which gives an 8% standing boost with the faction of your choice and no derived standing loss. You can run it every 90 days.

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Thanks =)

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There are 4 L1 distribution agents for Nurtura in Aideron constallation. And 3 of them in 0.5 security systems. Story line agent is also there.

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i go to check, ty

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running amarr missions wont give you derived standing by itself. Killing [Faction] assets during a mission may give you negative standing with [Faction], and gaining non-epic [Faction] standing(eg with storylines) will give you negative standing with factions which donā€™t like [Faction], but doing the mission wonā€™t.

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Every 16 missions you will get story line mission. Finishing that story line mission will give you positive standing. But there is also 3 rockie systems in Amarr space, with tutorial agents in them. If I am not mistaken, finishing all 10 missions for the tutorial agent will also increase your standing for amarr. Without need to run a story line one. If your standing for amarr is bigger, than -5, you should concider to run tutorial missions first, IMHO.

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What youā€™re intending to do will work but it will take a long time to actually see a sizable increase in Faction standing.

If your Amarr or Caldari Factions are above -5.00 standing, it would be much quicker and easier to run some missions for Event Agents.

Event Agents offer a one time mission that rewards Faction standing increase along with positive and negative derived standings towards the other Factions. Different types of Event Agents are commonly referred to as Career Agents, Circle Agents, Data Center Agents and Cosmos Agents. All of those Agents can only be accessed once in the lifetime of a character. Any bloodline can access those Agents with the correct amount of standing. Epic Arcs are also Event Agents but they are the exception to the rule and can be accessed every 90 days. Also they donā€™t incur any positive derived standings and very little negative derived standings (some missions will incur a small negative hit for ship kill).

Now if you have negative standings with Amarr and Caldari Factions, then you should train up Diplomacy skill first until you have neutral standings with them. Then you should train up Social and Connections to lv 5 asap to receive max amount of standing increase for completing missions.

For starters, I suggest running missions for both Amarr and Caldari Data Center ā€˜Graduation Certificateā€™ Agents. Each of the 4 Empire Factions have 3 different Data Centers with a ā€˜Graduation Certificateā€™ Agent available for access. When completed, the ā€˜Graduation Certificateā€™ chains to another Agent offering a 5 part mission series that introduces another Agent offering a 2 part mission series. The 2 part mission series needs to be completed first in order to complete the original 5 part mission series.

The ā€˜Graduation Certificateā€™ mission series is a good start in helping characters repair poor standings. All of those Event Agents are level 1 and donā€™t take very long to complete. Also all of their mission series have a good story plot and give a nice amout of Faction standing increase upon completion.

Thereā€™s more info available about gaining Faction standings in the ā€˜Faction Standing Repair Planā€™ thread posted here in this forum.

Anyway, hereā€™s a list of all 4 Empire ā€˜Graduation Certificateā€™ mission chains from start to finish.


Hefaka Chubid = Graduation Certificate Agent
Location: Polfaly System - Data Center (Beacon)

Sevan Fagided = Graduation Certificate Agent
Location: Kudi System - Data Center (Beacon)

Shafra Gulias = Graduation Certificate Agent
Location: Ferira System - Data Center (Beacon)

Amarr Graduation Certificate (signed) chains to :

Arizam Gimit = Event Agent
Location: Lossa II - Ministry of Assessment Information Center (Station)
5 part mission series, part 4 chains to :

Mamin Choonka = Event Agent
Location: Ashab II, Moon I
2 part mission series chains back to Arizam Gimit


Tillen Matsu = Graduation Certificate Agent
Location: Ahtulaima System - Data Center (Beacon)

Autaris Pia = Graduation Certificate Agent
Location: Saikanen System - Data Center (Beacon)

Korhonomi Oti = Graduation Certificate Agent
Location: Kamokor System - Data Center (Beacon)

Caldari Graduation Certificate (signed) chains to :

Aviekko Ta = Event Agent
Location: Autama V - Moon 5 - Echelon Entertainment Development Studio (Station)
5 part mission series, part 4 chains to :

Kikko Roisen = Event Agent
Location: Autama VII - Moon 1
2 part mission series chains back to Aviekko Ta


Vausitte Yrier = Graduation Certificate Agent
Location: Abenync System - Data Center (Beacon)

Maray Ygier = Graduation Certificate Agent
Location: Muer System - Data Center (Beacon)

Etien Duloure = Graduation Certificate Agent
Location: Ekuenbiron System - Data Center (Beacon)

Gallente Graduation Certificate (signed) chains to :

Avrue Auz = Event Agent
Location: Lirsautton I - CreoDron Factory (Station)
5 part mission series, part 4 chains to :

Mamo Guerre = Event Agent
Location: Lirsautton VI - Moon 1
2 part mission series chains back to Avrue Auz


Rilbedur Tjar = Graduation Certificate Agent
Location: Emolgranlan System - Data Center (Beacon)

Albedur Vatzako = Graduation Certificate Agent
Location: Arlulf System - Data Center (Beacon)

West Ludorim = Graduation Certificate Agent
Location: Engosi System - Data Center (Beacon)

Minmatar Graduation Certificate (signed) chains to :

Pinala Adala = Event Agent
Location: Eram IX - Moon 4 - Sebiestor Tribe Bureau (Station)
5 part mission series, part 4 chains to :

Hlebnar Tonari = Event Agent
Location: Eram IV - Moon 2
2 part mission series chains back to Pinala Adala

I hope this info helps, may you have much success and good luck in gaining Faction standing increase.


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Many thanks all.

Let me explain :

  • I have a female character cpable to do Missions lvl 4 with min/Gal. Recently i sold a one capable to do lvl 5 but IV is all i need. I go to hold her, no more needed

  • I have an Amarr Character with 6m points but amarr/caldari standings passing +7 without connections, i dislike this character because some with similar name exist and can create confussions. Can do level V but i only want to be able to do lev IV.

  • The character i want update is a minmatar combat subcaps normally used to boost orca operations in heimatar space. I plan to level to be able to do level 4 missions, but capable to navigate to heimatar, i have no problem in min/gl negative standings with him, only dont be KOS and think i can do dont taking missions of the type of kill gal/min

This is te situation. As far i see, my safest bet is going to fo hzo / carthum mining distribution missions always in amarr/ caldari, and skipping the faction killing missions.


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So let me get this straight:

You have a Minmatar character that wants to access level 4 missions.

You want to gain Amarr and Caldari Faction standings.

You want to maintain access to Minmatar and Gallente space.

You want to accomplish this task quickly and easily.

Correct ?

If so, you should check out the ā€˜Faction Standing Repair Planā€™ I linked earlier in this thread.

By the way, if you have plenty of ISK to buy the required amount of Pirate Tags, running missions for Data Center Agents will quickly accomplish what you want to do.

If not, then good luck to you.


Many thanks !

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