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I was offered a spot in a newer corp but they are 90+ jumps from me. I have almost no chance in getting there unharmed however I know a few years ago a gentlemen walked me through a way using a med clone to jump across the map faster. I can’t seem to find any info on this as was wondering if somebody could help me with a guide to this or something.

  1. Reasonable corp should be able to jump fright your stuff to their base.
  2. If you set home of your medical clone to their base, you can self destruct the pod and you will spawn in their base 90+ jumps away.
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Is there a guide somewhere I can read on exactly how to do this?

They are a new corp so I doubt they have access to that yet

Are you sure? The longest route possible is something like 99 jumps and goes from one remote corner of nullsec to the other. I find it really hard to imagine you are that far away.

Do you have some systems blocked on your avoidance list maybe? Or maybe ‘more secure’ selected instead of ‘shortest’?

As was said, you can set you home station and self-destruct your clone, but I would just ask your new corp how to get there the fastest. They should be helping you.

Edit: in answer to your last post, there is an explanation of how to do this here:

As an fyi, you can only do this once a year.

But you can always set this to your home station that you started the game in.

Go to a station with a clone bay, then from the station facilities menu (right side of the screen by default), click the Clone Bay button. There’s an option in that window to move your medical clone. You can move your medical clone to various locations

  1. The station you’re currently located in.
  2. Your “school” station (which is where you started out with your character).
  3. A station where your corp has an office.

The first 2 you can do at any time. The last one, moving it to a corp office triggers a 1 year cooldown. Once you’ve set your medical clone location, you can self-destruct your current clone from the Clone Bay window and end up at your medical clone location in a fresh clone.

But like others have said, it’s unlikely that the shortest route is 90+ jumps away. You probably have your route-planner set to find the safest route (staying within hi-sec as much as possible), which could cause huge detours. Configure it to give you the fastest route instead and check that you don’t have any systems in your avoidance list. That way you can avoid getting the 1 year cooldown by just getting a shuttle (or better yet: an interceptor if you can fly them) and flying there. You’d be surprised how far you can get.

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