Question about the log in campaign

Hi. I have a question about the log in campaign that starts on the 27th after downtime…I will be in rural Wyoming for most of it, and thus no access to a computer, or internet. (My parent’s house only gets dialup). If I download the app, will I be able to get the rewards through logging into that, or am I going to have to sit this one out? Thanks.



all ya need to do is log into the launcher and claim them. if they are dailys.
so any PC, anywhere, that can handle the launcher, not that hard to find. internet cafe would do grand. just make sure to be secure with passwords and so on.

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Youre gonna have to sit this one out.

RURAL Wyoming…what’s an internet cafe, and why do we need one? ^_^.

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I doubt the app is enough. Sorry bud.

Log in campaign :rofl:
Im just laughing cuz we have such a campaign.
People just login to get reward…
Is this a sign of healthy game?

that’s a pity, anyone ya know got satellite data ? bit too expensive to rent for just a week.

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“A bit expensive”. Rofl. Sorry, it’s the only high speed we can get…for a hundred or so dollars a month.

Dialup is absolutely sufficient to login for rewards.
If you actually tried to launch into a character it would be too laggy.

A pity you can’t log in the game itself and “throw” snowballs at NPCs for skill points. I heard next update we’re going to be able to actually catch space ships with pokeballs.

As others have said the app wont work, but as long as you log in, even if you don’t go in the game you can still get your items. So even with a terrible connection and a slow laptop you can do it.

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