I'm in California. Power has been shutoff since Saturday. I'm going to miss all the login rewards on my 5 accounts and all the events

I don’t suppose logging into characters on the Droid app gives the lying bonus?

5 active accounts and they are all going to miss login rewards while I sit here in the dark and twiddle my thumbs tonight. And tmrw night and the next night. Maybe longer.


That really sucks, sorry to hear it. If your power goes on by tuesday then you won’t miss anything. I’m hoping for the best.


Run to the store, get car power inverter. Plug in notebook and hotspot to your phone.

If you don’t have a notebook, ask a friend?

Leave CA, it’s mostly going down the drain anyhow.


Don’t use any public WiFi to play Eve many people lose there accounts to man in the middle attacks

I’ll login every day for you mawhahaha no really I will trust me


Don’t your grandparents love you why are they not logging on for you?

Not being able to log into an MMO is the least of the things you Cali people should be worrying about.

You seem to be able to access the internet to complain about not being able to access the internet just fine, though.


“I’m in California. The recent wildfires triggered power outages and mass cloud formation, which was good, because it helped put out the fires. Which was bad though, because that caused the mudslides which closed most of the roads. Which was good, because then people weren’t driving so much. Which was bad though, because the mudslides shifted the balance on the faultline and triggered ‘The Big One’ and now California is sliding into the ocean and we’re all going to drown. BUT, before we all drown, I want to know WHAT IS CCP GOING TO DO ABOUT THE LOGIN REWARDS I AM MISSING?”


I’m too busy “lazy” to login


California Is Dying

Should have gotten a Powerwall and solar cells on the roof.

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CCP could introduce a new feature - for 200 plex per month they will log you in for all the giveaways.

Move to a state that is not run by lunatics…


Bad luck.


This nightmare of a forum at its finest. Instead of simply answering a question or (god forbid) some good thoughts for a person who’s in a genuinely tough situation, we get a parade of bitchiness and social commentary. And for those wondering about how they posted, accessing the forum through a cell phone is a thing. Good freaking lord…

@Nakata_Sensai- I’m afraid you do need to log in with the game to get the rewards. I understand the need to have something to distract you from the stuff that’s going on and being without power so long really, really sucks.

Stay safe, take care, and good luck to you. All the best to you and your family.


That’s a bummer OP :frowning:

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You get both good thoughts and bitchiness and (god forbid) social commentary this is a forum on the Internet?

I’m not the OP, and I’m happy to take both (I’ll apply them to whatever nightmare pops up during the course of my day. I’ve got a long set of meetings today where both will probably come in handy.

Gosh, hadn’t heard- I thought I was in some kind of Caligulan therapy session. :wink:

But seriously, the pettiness and punching down that I see here pissed me off as I was drinking my coffee and I had to call it out. I’ve got a lot of friends in CA who are both simultaneously scared and worried, and bored out of their minds because they have no power (and some have both food and medicine that’s at risk of spoiling). That’s a really crappy combination.

I wish your friends the best of luck and hope they stay safe, people do care it’s just the Eve online forum people use words like they do their internet spaceships


Thanks, man.

Yeah, I think the bitter vet in me is just running strong this morning, needs more coffee, or both. :v: