Question before considering re-subscribing

Not a new player, but haven’t played for few years, so hope it’s ok to ask this here:

If I log-in my account without subscribing will I be able to see the status of my “stuff”? For example if I had items in player-owned structure (not my own), will I be able to see where I stand in regards to possibility that the structure no longer exists (if so will I be able to figure out where my inventory is and how to reclaim it) – or are these things I would need to be subscribed to see?

I know I may not be able to move things, and cannot fly my old ships without being Omega – but I just want to see what my current in-game situation is before I pay out any money just to find I’m FUBAR.

Hopefully that all made sense. Thank you for your time and assistance.

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yes wb

Yes you can see the status of your items (asset safety).

Any ship T2 or T3, ORE, larger than a BS. You would not be able to fly.


You can login as an alpha, no need to ask permission.

This answer cost you 1 billion isk.

Payment due immediately.


My question to you, OP, is why you didn’t try doing it before posting on the forum. I mean, it would probably take you less time than navigating to the EVE forum and type out your post. Do you always ask people for permission to do things?

spoken like a man with infinite bandwidth… its a pretty big download

If you’re worried about bandwith, you should probably not be playing an MMO. It’s not 1996 anymore, son.

I recall paying 4 bucks an hour for access to the super information highway back in 1995 where my isp bill was over 400 a month.

And I remember not being able to use the phone while being online.

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Except for the bullsh*t, give me money, pretty good insight.

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You should be able to log in as alpha and see the status of your items, everything in player owned stations you will be able to see, anything in an old style POS don’t know, feel free to send me all your stuff!

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