Question/Clarification of rules regarding window manipulation vs. input broadcasting for multiboxing

Hello, probably not a popular question, but I really want to get clarification on the rules to find out what I can and can’t do while I set up my multiboxing clients using software for the first time.

Basically I just use it to do splitscreen cleaner than I was doing it before with no software. But there is one thing I was thinking of lately that would help me multibox smoother on my end without any input broadcast (at least I don’t think this falls under input broadcasting which is why I’m asking)…

So this will be easier to explain with a picture…
See the duplications of the hud elements showing each ships hp/capacitor&modules??? Basically I just want it so that those extra replicated windows are functionable using the mouse… Like I could click on one of those modules for one ship and it would turn it on/off using those newly created windows… Essentially it would be 1 mouse click going only to 1 client. If I wanted to turn all the ships after burners on I would still be clicking 5 times, the huds would just be easier to click on grouped together on one screen like that.

Can someone tell me w/ certainty, is something like this within the rules?

If you need more clarification on anything I said, I would be more than happy, My aim is to NOT break the rules at any time.

There are 2 issues. One is input broadcasting and the other is client modification. Neither are permitted. In general you should assume that any 3rd party technology that gives you an advantage over a player not using that technology is frowned upon if not outright banned. I’m not sure how you get multiple HUD displays in the same client without modification - maybe it’s possible, but I would submit a ticket to be sure.

A multiboxing tool that is OK can be found in the 3rd party developer section of the forum:

pretty sure it is easily done by overlays and, afaik, there is nothing wrong with them.

I discussed this exact topic in another thread, where I was corrected and I will forward. You may not “modify” the client in a way that would only display small parts of the client, such as but not limited to overview and/or HUD.

You can however have previews of the full client if you wish.

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Chopping up the UI is not allowed.

In general, if you have to ask, it’s not allowed.

Paragraph 4.1 says it all

Thanks everyone for clarifying! This answered my question perfectly.

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