Question for CCP! Are you try to kill EVE?

Are you try to kill EVE? Or you try to make it like Chinese server. Pointless to play? You have to be in a big Alliance or stop playing. I understand that the big Alliances are you pets and try to please them at any cost, but that make us stop playing. I Try to put Azbel in New Caldari and 3 stupid Talwar make 100 dmg and put the Azbel back to repair mode FFS. Don’t have chance to fit it and to go to full power.

I manage to start it only because i have 2h before war start. I lost 45 min to put Azbel full power. Every time when repair timer go off had chance to do one thing. And again 100 dmg and again 15 min repair timer… 1-st to fit the modul, after 15 min on next repair timer to online it. FFS Why when i put the modul don’t start??? There was enough fuel. If i don’t have 2h to manаge it before the war start the greedy idiots will kill the Azbel before i had any chance to do anything.

Game mechanic for structures are soooo wrong. At least do so that there is at least 1 minute to fit the station before attacking.

If you can’t defend a large structure from 3 pathetic t1 destroyers, then you have no business anchoring one.

For something that shiny, you need a handful of friends to defend it.
See: Social Skills



I demand to have a station regardless of my skill, the people I know, what I know about the game mechanics or any other 1/2 dozen reasons. Gimme gimme gimme…



And nothing of value was gained.

You’re in a one man corp with some alts, apparently you can’t defend your assets vs a handful destroyers. How does that translate to “You have to be in a big Alliance or stop playing”?


Question for CCP! Are you try to kill EVE?


That pretty much takes care of this thread.