Question for rp concept

So I’m just getting into rp, and I’ve been considering a story to involve my alts.
I know sansha and the other are hiveminds, and I’ve been thinking of a story for all my alts to be hiveminds.
Since I, the player, control them all, and have nearly exact skills on my alts, I was thinking of developing a story where I stole some drifter tech and learned how to control multiple bodies at once.
I’m thinking that if it seems like a decent start for a story, I’d go make sure I have deeply negative trig standing so they’d react to me and my alts the same as the drifters and sansha.
Would that be too much to fit into the eve world?


Its not a terrible concept, but one that some may frown upon, and expect a bit of backlash for it, but I say give it a whirl and have fun with it!

There is a character in the lore somewhere who was conscious in multiple clones at once - the “Broker” or something like that. I believe he was one of the “special” Jovians.

The Drifter’s are Second Empire, and their territory is where the Angels are now. The Angels have acquired unknown Jovian tech from ruins, so the they are another potential source of your background.

You could also go a more “respectable” route by being a “black ops” specialist with the Sisters of EVE. The Sisters are clearly up to no good (along with the Serpentis), and are screwing around with Sleeper (Jovian) technology in wormhole space. The Sleepers are capable of multiple simultaneous consciousnesses, but it is against their fundamental laws (which insist that every original Sleeper manifest in their VR universe with only a single mind).

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The prohibition on multiple clones and/or hiveminds in the EVE world is not technical; it’s legal.

You should have fun playing with the legal problems in respectable space. :slight_smile:

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Where is this “respectable space” you speak of?

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