Question on the tengu for a noob

Alright so have have been an off again, on again off again player of eve since 2014. In that time I ended up going the battle ship route and got a maurader and now getting back into the game I realized I messed up and probably should have gotten a tengu trained instead.

So with that said, I’m training to run a tengu, but I had some questions after drilling down through zboards and was wondering If I could get a confirmation on what I assume to be true

Assumption is that I will be using the eve University explorations and combat fits for the tengu, the main goal is to explore WH for data/relic and combat and what ever nullsec i hopefully end up in on the other side

  1. Lone frig gankers generally are not a threat to the tengu that’s delving through WH, null, or low sec. Majority of the kill boards I see are not from asteros, or other stealth gank ships that are common hunters in wormhole space.

  1. The tengu IS potentially vulnerable to suicide ganks from cruisers and wrf frig fits.

3 the biggest threat to the tengu are gang gankings and from what it looks like gate camping in low and null.

  1. The tengu can handle almost all hi-sec combat sites and handle lvl 3 data sites

  2. The tengu in exploration fit from eveU is very hard to tackle, web and stop from warping unless said hunter is using a bling fit.

  3. While in exploration fit, a tengu, with proper D-scan practices in WH space has virtually nothing to worry about, outside of off the walls stuff like a pack of stealthed frigs which is an oddity even for Eve.

Last question is regarding the eveU pve fitting which still have the covert ops on despite listing the sub system that does not allow it, I assume this is a mistake

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