Question regarding SP

So I’m right now with 4 high-grade slot implants and a Standard accelerator and a master-at-arms cerebral accerelerator,

If I buy the bundle Apprentice bundle that gives me genius cerebral acceelrator will I get a further bonus or is there a cap?

You will not be able to activate the Genius because it occupies the same booster slot as the Master-At-Arms accelerator.


Rightclick booster, show info and check which slot it uses. You can only have one booster per slot.

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Booster and implant UI/UX is due for an overhaul

You could simply add another tab in the fitting screen that said “Augmentations” and it would show all the booster and implant slots you have available and you could even drag and drop boosters (and they would be activatable via hot bar?) and implants from ur inventory and what not into the slots. Not that hard. And will never be done either. It is rather frustrating how CCP is dragging their feet on these essential issues. But whatever

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