Question to CCP about Drones

or maybe you are just bad at using them .


They would be, if they actually played the game at all.

I never played the game and I still now that the drones are completely OP.

If that ain’t a proof …


i agree, i mess with new characters all the time when ccp changes stuff for them. having 0 drone skills is disappointing to start from.

Ok, my bad for entering troll topic. Or maybe this is another null bot crying? Drone aggro issue? Even in abyss drone aggro is not a issue. If your drones die you either sending them to far from your ship or afk to much. I actually wanted to compare raw SP needed for drones and guns but reading your answer I see we are playing different game.

or he is an idiot and send them to drone BC.

Tristan is the most OP’d level 1 mastery T1m0 frigate in the game.

Try soloing level 4 missions in any other T1m0 frigate at the same mastery?

You can do it with a Tristan while distance-speed tanking with 75dps at 85+km range with 100km targeting.

Slow but doable.

The problem with Drones is people dont know how to fit Drone boats.

I’m not a fitting master but I can at least tell that that’s the issue. Not drones themselves.


Drones are still OP because they do work for you and extremely fast. They might not do too much damage but I still look for drones on every ship I buy. I don’t know, ask a drone expert or something.

Yes, I have noticed drones are targeted much more than they ever used to be and I understand why CCP did that.

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A good player will know how to optimize they drones they use.

Bad player will always loose more drones than a good player.

Blaming drone mechanics shows a poor player.

Learn how to use drones and sentries first before making wild statements.


With so many apologists for drone issues/gameplay it’s a wonder why anyone new gets drawn to this game.

To the mod: please close thread.

translation : you suck and don’t want to get better, rather complain on the forum.

Are you actually capable of acknowledging a view that is different from your own, or do you start discussions just to agree with people?

This is not how information is shared.

You seem to be talking about something different to me.

Drones level 5 is already accessible to alphas. It does not give alphas max dps or even access to t2 drones.

An alpha/new char can use a full rack of turrets from the first hour of playing. An alpha has to spend a week and a half before it can use 5 small drones.

Cool story bro.

I’m not arguing that drones are not uber in pve. But we don’t balance the game around pve.

One of the major characteristics of a t1 frig is being accessible from the start of your game. But since the tristan became a drone ship, it’s the only t1 frig that cannot be competently fit within a couple hours training…it’s sub par until days into training.

Christ, an alpha has to spend hours just to train into t1 light drones.

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I’m not asking you to blindly agree,

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