Quick PI question - moving extractors all at once?

I need to move my PI extractors to a different part of the same planet now with better resources. Is there any way to quickly move the extractor, heads, etc. all at once without having to delete every single structure and then re-doing them all plus re-doing all the links?

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Just as I feared. :slight_smile: Thanks for the answer.

You dont have to delete all the buildings etc, the only thing you need to move is the extractor and the 10 heads. then link that back to the building where your factories are. so only 1 link needs to be reset up.

and set the timer to the exact time you need … and validate the building BEFORe you start extracting … all those kind of things that suck in PI.

It depends on how much power grid you have available. Longer links use more power.

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