Quick Q about RR in low sec and Security hit

I have searched extensively and found many answers to many questions but not exactly the following:

If you remote rep somoene in low sec and they take a security status hit from aggression or criminal activity will the remote repper also take a security status hit?

Scenario, my main is camping gate, he shoots and kills hauler and pod. My alt has positive security status, is remote repping main, but I don’t want to damage my alts sec status.

Nope, you share the timers, but no sec penalty.

Interesting, that’s what I thought but I received different information from the help channel.
Will just have to activate and try it later.

I can assure you, there is no security status hit. You will have to disable the safety on the remote assitant. Also of note, the gate guns won’t shoot your remote assistant.

awesome, this is good, very good mwuhahaha

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