Quick Q about trig stuff after patch

I know those 27 final liminality systems are now gone from normal space. But what happened to others (minor victories, etc…)?

There still trigs/edencom being all pissy and shooting stuff? Or all those now safe to pass trough?

They stay as they are. Trig invaded. According to data, trigs consider them as hunting grounds and resource farming areas.

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Must be major pain in the ass for those guys who shot edencom. According to https://kybernaut.space/invasions, 53 fortresses plus 84 minor victories.

Especially amarr and minmatar space seems to be littered with those.

Apparently one can only use Trig gates with high-enough standings. CCP should also make it so that pro-trigs cannot enter Fortress systems. Thus forcing them on different routes through empire space they helped to ■■■■ on.

After all, it is only fair that shitty mechanics work both ways.


…and criminals cannot enter high sec. Upon killing by CONCORD their clones would be relocated to educational camps where clone transfer is available only in the area of a camp.


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