r/Eve - Botting Supers being teleported to Yulai

new Youlai meta is a hauler with a target painter.

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I’m pretty sure there are more than enough ratting and mining botters that CCP could hold this event every single day, all year long…


:fire: Burn Botters in Yulai? :smiling_imp:


Why Yulai though? All botters should be teleported directly to Uedama or Niarja…


The political hub of the galaxy and the Headquarters of the CONCORD assembly


Completely fine with this if the characters are also getting banned and wallet infractions are being handed out.


Only these km? How to deal with these botting accounts and roles?
I believe there are more bots in game and security team should find them out and kick them from EVE to protect our gaming environment.
By the way, the corp (bbc xiqian) is a botting corp. People who have been kicked in other corp due to botting will join this corp and continue botting. Hope GM can investigate in it.

I hope this becomes a regular thing. I want people to sit in Yulai and go find bots with their alts to report to get dank loot and kill mails with their mains. Make an example and keep doing it!

Make this automated.

Once system detects it teleport to yulai

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2 CFC botters. Who knew? :laughing: It’s a shame that it was only 4.

There’s part of the rut. It isn’t proof. It’s a symbol. We have lots and lots of proof if and when CCP take on automation related challenges and deal with it, we have had such proof over the years, visible in Local and on markets. CCP used to publish the numbers on that, and provide solid and deep insights. One could see the report, recognise the impact in environment, and trust CCP.

Now it goes like “here have some arbitrary numbers because you are making a fuss”, and “here look at the left hand and have some blood”.

It’s just a really really bad door to open. As understandable as it is, and as founded as the argument to do a panem et circenses excercise may be, these things are sliding scales. Weighing this is a matter of which matters more, the short, or the longer term perspective and effects.

Short term? Give people symbols and blood, hurray. Age old recipee.

Long term? It gets stale, aggravates the original perception problem as well a few other things, and ultimately pants drop.

CCP /= Devs. The latter work and aim to do things right. CCP = the commercial venture. It is business. If you have to fool your customers, you do it. And CCP has ample history in exactly that.

It isn’t a special moment actually. It’s happened before, both on small scale cases as in the form of events. It simply hasn’t happened for quite a few years, and for good reasons because in those days it ultimately bit people in the behind, just when they actually though to have had some fun and made people comfortable again.

The point here is simple: marketing, fine. Playing politics, bad idea.

Sure, it’s a fun moment. But it is symbolic. And what is the biggest complaint people vent in regards to automation issues? That CCP only tackles it in symbolic fashion, at best. It’s the kind of thing which in spite of best intentions gives a bit of fish and bread, but it reinforces the already building perception challenge.

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Just imagine how confused the bots were when they got moved ahha


Self-aware bots? 0.o

No, not for you.

Not for anyone. It’s just a bit of bread and games. Now you can choose to be all enthusiastic about that, or you can choose to be value it and still be wary of the ongoing bigger challenges at play.

No, just not for you. Stop trolling and telling what others should think or how they should feel about it. You don’t want it to be special, or you don’t know how, that’s fine, it doesn’t give you the right to patronize others over it.


In the words of a much better shiptoaster than I,
“It’s easy to speak for the silent majority, they rarely complain when you put things in their mouths”.

Speak for yourself if you’re insistent on being a dryshite,
Publicly executing bots was awesome and you can’t take that away from us.


You are worried that this is a bread and games move, but is it really? From the replies you see that people know this is just a scratch on the iceberg, there seems to be no general dazzlement that this would be the big policy change or whatnot. Pretty sure GM’s know that people know that. People think it is a fun thing to do. And why not? Botters are not to be treated as players, god-like intervention against them is okay. Normally it happens behind the curtain, for people not to see. Of course it is always better if people go hunting on their own, but this happens or doesn’t happen regardless of this temporary event. If anything, it shows what CCP could do to botters and players will remind them once everything goes back to normal.


So what if it is a show we love it! Ofcourse we’ll hate you instead for your attitude.
Truthfully you sound like a butthurt goon.
I suspect they moved more goon affiliated bots than others because of their policy not to report bots

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I think he is honestly worried that this might lead people to a wrong path, either relying on CCP to be a “good god” or believing that this is the end of botting. I think he’s wrong about it, but his intentions are not :slight_smile:

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