r/Eve - Confession of a botmaker

Little boy do not talk rubbish, I am in this bussines 25+ years and I know all that ■■■■, and what you are??? Wannabe forum warrior, or ccp “experts” alter ego and deffender.

Excuses? Remember those critical faculties I recommended you exercise? Where are they, mate?

You think mass-multiboxers aren’t already watched by CCP? You think botters don’t take measures to mask the fact they have 50-100 accounts on one PC?

The thing is, I’m not even disagreeing. CCP DO bear some responsibility here, but to pretend they bear it all is dishonest.

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You’ve been in business for 25 years and you still can’t spell business?


Ho hum, PIRAT…

I will agree, the botters/botmakers are also responsible. Of course they are. But it’s not the botters job to get rid of the botters. All I’m saying is it’s time for CCP to step up and DO SOMETHING other than what they’ve already tried and failed. There are options available to them that they refuse to do, and that’s on them completely


You know what’s best about gila bots?they can all be alphas.
Also they’re cheap easy to tank and don’t need alot of Imputs


And all the spite and frothing at the mouth won’t make you a person worth taking seriously by anyone that matters.

If you have an argument against my points, please present it. If all you have is the intellectual equivalent of farting in my general direction, then you’re up a certain creek without a certain implement, darling.

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You’re assuming they’re doing nothing? That they just sit on their thumbs all day from nine to five and pretend to be computer programmers?

The existence of bots is not evidence that CCP is doing nothing. It’s evidence of that POSSIBILITY but Occam’s Razor would suggest it’s more likely that CCP just hasn’t detected them yet, and/or otherwise doesn’t know of their existence.

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Yup that’s what they do


I’m assuming that whatever they’re doing isn’t effective. . And yes, i do tend to get excited and argumentative without always meaning to. I apologize.

You are defending incompetent ccp “experts”

so that means you are incompetent too,

Technicaly they open hacked accounts and notify the owner he got ■■■■■■

I don’t blame, or expect, bot users and bot creators to stop themselves. It is CCP’s job to stop them, always was, always will be. The fact that they are either terminally incompetent, or could give two flying rat’s asses about doing it, is the problem.


If what they’re doing isn’t effective, then I’m sure they’ll figure that out for themselves and shift strategies. They’ve been doing this for a long time and have banned thousands of bots over the years. There was an incident a while back where players were banned for using legal third party software. Their accounts were quickly reinstated, but CCP have been cautious about jumping onto the ‘banwagon’ since.

Additionally, CCP, like other game developers, don’t like to ban botters the moment they are detected. There’s a problem with this - the botter who got banned then warns everyone else about the ban, and the bot gets updated. Instead, what they’ll try to do is gather up as much intel on who’s using that bot (which they’re detecting in secret now, knowing what to look for) and ban as many people as possible in one big wave. That’s why you hear about banwaves happening. It’s not because they were all detected at once, it’s because they’ve known about them for a while, but waited until they had a huge group of them to minimise the chance of the bot ‘evolving’, kinda for the same sort of reason you really need to finish the full course of antibiotics you’re subscribed when you get strep or some other bacterial infection.

Gotta catch 'em all.

So on that note, if CCP are indeed sitting around and doing nothing about botters, it’s probably because they’re confident they can find more using the same algorithms.

The best we can do, as players, is continue to report suspicious bot-like activity to CCP via help tickets, kill botters wherever we find them, and support CODE.

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The bot users and creators are to blame, whether you personally blame them or not.

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They’ve done next to nothing. I’ve seen people report botters until they are blue in the face. Those botters then continue to bot for YEARS, while CCP does nothing.

If players can find botters, and report them, and keep reporting them for years, why can’t CCP find them, or do anything about it? There’s no excuse. They should be ashamed, but they have no shame.


I’m detecting some hyperbole in that hyperventilation you just posted. Years? I highly doubt that. Maybe what you think is a bot actually just isn’t a bot.

Except that after years the bot finally gets caught or exposed, LOL.

You are defending CCP when ENTIRE REGIONS of the game are owned by botting empires. Unbelievable.

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This revelation is not new, sadly, it has been discussed and bot use ‘exposed’ many times, 6 months or so was the last time, then before that…

Edit: same people, same alliances, etc.


Would you stop spamming garbage already TEAM SECURITY IS 2 PEOPLE and first priority is hacked accounts