Rafineries and moon mining vs Alpha pilots

I think I’m doing something wrong …

Yesterday I asked for a permit to mine some moon ore on belt that I came across.
I mined “Bitumenes”. Full cargohold of my Miasmos (46k m^3) is estimated at ~4.5 mil isk. Compare it with full cargohold of stupid, simple Veldspar You can find everywhere (~ 7 mil isk).

Should moon ore be obligatoy reprocessed or something ? Maybe my ore-of-choice to mine was wrong ?
Can someone explain it to me ?

The volume makes a difference. You’ll haul more feldspar @ 0.1m3. Vs 10.0m3 for bitumen. I think its also the cheapest.

No, you can sell it or reprocess it. Without good skills it is usually better to sell any ore type.

Yes. Of the four ubiquitous moon ore types, bitumens is usually worth the least. Of the mineral ores, you want to look for gneiss, arkonor or bistot (probably in that order) or brimful sylvite or brimful coesite. Markets change, but gneiss, arkonor and either brimful will likely be your top three to choose from, based on isk / cargohold.

Meh … I knew I was doing something wrong.

Oh yea.

Big big shoutout for marvelous, honorable, fair-playing, “good people” of CODE or “New Eden Order” or something for killing me in my mining Rokh (170mil isk) which had no means of fighting back, in HiSec system. Cudozzz !
Kindness of You all in this post made me allmost forget what kind of people tend to play this game + that flying male reproductive organ apply to something other than Avatar Titan :wink:

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Moon ore can’t be compressed ?

Bitumens is one of the worst things you can mine in highsec:


This chart will tell you the best things to mine in highsec, based on their current value, raw or refined. Why it’s so low I can’t definitively say, but clearly the supply of the minerals in Bitumen is high and demand low, for whatever industrial purposes people use it for. Mine the thing with the best refined value you can on that chart, and avoid the proper moon ores in highsec which are: Zeolites, Sylvite, Bitumens, and Coesite. Coesite and Sylvite have value, but you can’t compress it which makes moving it a real pain. So unless you have the skills and plan to refine it, it is better to mine the ‘regular’ ores like Veldspar, Gneiss, Spodumain and Arkanor, compress it and sell it at a trade hub.

You are going to have to play along and buy a permit and pay attention, or defy them and just pay attention, if you are going to mine in highsec in a battleship. It is a gank magnet which stands out and a favourite target of criminals. A venture would be much cheaper and safer, and only has slightly less yield, but if you add CODE. to your negative standings so you can see them when they enter local, you should have time even in a battleship to make it to safety before they land.

There is much more written about how to deal with gankers, but this is a competitive game, so you are going to have to account for the risk somehow. Mining in a pure-yield ship can be done, but it requires vigilance.


By “regular ores” You ment regular ores from moon belts or regular ores from system asteroid belts?

So highsec moons typically have 3 or 4 different types of ore in them (see here for example scans). They can be:

  1. Moon-specific ore: in highsec this is restricted to Zeolites, Sylvite, Bitumens, and Coesite.
  2. Nullsec-native ore: these are ores not normally found in highsec but refine to ‘normal’ minerals and are found in moon belts. These include Gneiss, Spodumain and Arkanor.
  3. Highsec-native ore: these are just slightly more valuable versions of regular ores like Veldspar and Omber but found in moon belts.

The moon-specifc ores refine to material used in T2 production, but as you noticed cannot be compressed. The other ores can be compressed (and refined or course) and produce the base minerals used in T1 and most other production.

So by “regular” ores I was referring to the non-moon ores that can be compressed and refine into T1 minerals. Regardless of where the are found, you should mine whatever gives the highest refine value on the chart I linked above, and if you are not planning to refining it, you should ignore the moon specific ores. Let me take a screenshot:

So right now, your most profitable choice to mine in highsec is Glistening Coesite which is worth ~362ISK/m3 when refined. That’s great, but you can’t compress it so if you choose to mine this, you need to refine it and move the minerals to sell as the uncompressed is too large to move efficiently, at least as an alpha. So if you just want to compress and sell the ore, you ignore the moon-specific ores and you find that Brilliant Gneiss is the next best to mine. This is a ore normally found only in nullsec, but is present in some highsec moonbelts. If it isn’t there, you keep going down the list.

Now, Dense Veldspar is there and not too far down. It is the highest grade of Veldspar found in normal belts in highsec. If the moon belt you are in has nothing better, you would be better off leaving the moon belt and going to a regular asteroid belt to take the Dense Veldspar there (Stable Veldspar is found in moon belts) than to mine something less valuable, such as Bitumen.

This of course changes if you are mining for specific minerals if you are trying to build something, but if you are just mining ore to sell, then this chart is your friend and will maximize your profits per hour.

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Than You for detailed info :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to see how target ship is fitted ? both player or npc?

I wonder is there a way for a ganking fleet to know what ganked ship is fitted with ?

Yes. There are Ship Scanners which allow you to see the fit of another player (but not NPCs) and even a Passive Targeter Module which allows them to do so without appearing to lock the target ship.

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Hello agin Good People,

This is kinda pvp question but it is relevant to mining so i will post it here:

Is there a system/region in HiSec where miner ganking does not happen ?

No. There are places where it happens less - generally quieter systems and ones with higher security, but criminals operate everywhere.

Nowhere is safe in New Eden, by design.

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Jita, no miners get ganked in Jita. Not entirely sure about Amarr.

Can player who belong only to npc corp own Rafinery (or other upwell stuctures) ?

Reason I ask is that npc corps can’t be wardeced so upwell structures belonging to player in npc corp should be safer.

No, but there are tons of (nearly) free-to-use citadels anchored everywhere.

Well yes… but I want my own Tamagotchi :slight_smile:

Then it is time to man up.

Ok, than how about this:
What if I build Rafinery and that quit my corp? Rafinery becomes abandoned or what?


the refinery cannot quit the corp. It belongs to the corp, if you quit corp, you loose access to the structure.