Raising the First Sentients and Not Animals

Raising a Better, Next Generation.

Raising Sentient Children, Not Animals

A generation that will carry humanity into the depths of space and the unknown.

Sentient Dialogue

I think I have a way to end the human animalism on Earth. Most scientists classify humans as being part of the animal kingdom. Let’s re-classify that. An animal is a dog or cat or lion that simply eats, poops out the Gazelle, does the humpty humpty and sleeps in the dirt or a cave. A sentient, humans, ants, spiders, dolphins, honey bees, any type of life that can build are above the animals of the Earth, our classification should reflect such intelligence. Placing humans in a sentient category along with other sentients will lift the intellect of humans to a higher level. A level that will eventually see wars between humans eradicated due to the programmed ‘violent tendencies’ associated with being an animal, no longer being the caste that humans are part of.

Just like the 60’s raised a better 70’s and so forth, our generation must raise the First Sentients. We must do it better then our parents did, to let our parents and those younger then us know, We did it for you. We did it to let you know, we’ll be okay and for those younger, that you will be.

Im pretty sure that a Dog is more intelligent than an ant…

Ants know when it’s going to rain so …. Dogs don’t know about that until it actually starts raining.

Pretty sure dogs can know that a storm/rain is coming before it comes, too.

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Pretty sure they don’t “know” it’s going to rain and just instinctively react to something like change in atmospheric pressure.

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No, dogs are not more intelligent than an any.

Is a dog abke to build a raft out of other dogs and then float down river without first being trained?

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There are zombie fungus that infect only certain ants. The fungus then controls the ant to climb up a certain tree, to a certain height so that the fungus can use the ant to create new spores.

A fungus, more intelligent than a dog.

Is an ant able to understand commands and sit and roll over when you command it to?

Let’s not.

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Some humans don’t even qualify high enough to be considered animals. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Intelligence is if a being can adapt and learn new behavior because of experience or data it collects over it’s lifetime.

What you see on this fungus is not that. It is instinct, which are behaviors that all living beings have that are hardwired into the genome. They are not learned by individuals over their lifetime. They are instead formed by evolution over generations by random mutation and natural selection, or artificial selection when it comes to behavior we breed pets and cattle for.

So no, a fungus is definitely not more intelligent than a dog. It doesn’t even have a brain that could remotely have such a function.

Ants communicate on a higher intelligence level than dogs.

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That is called programmimg. Dogs sit and roll without needing to be told to do so. Irrelevant argument.

Yes, ants do in fact communicate on a higher brain function.

I for one do not like being grouped into kingdom associated with animals that eat their own dung either.

Speaking of dung, the dung beetle would also be considered a sentient insect because the dung beetle creates a dung ball.

Tent worms are also sentient, as are trap door spiders, web spinning spiders and even ant lions, a lower house of Sentients, but still considered builders.

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So why cant you program an ant.

Sure you can, its called, " Apache Ant"

No, the discussion is about living and breathing creatures on Earth. AI will never be a lifeform.

Another trait of a Sentient species is the ability of the creature to understand language, such as sign language, that the creature is able to use to communicate with humans.

Chimpanzees are one example. Although Chimps don’t build, chimps have been observed using tools. Chimps are also known for using sign language to communicate with humans, rather proficiently, if I might add.

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Beacause you can’t use pain and treating stimuli on ants to make the ant obey.

Question does an ant learn to do basic tasks like cleaning up after itself the same way a kitten learns from its mother to use the litter box?

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Ants absolutely can sense stimuli including pain.