Ramming Module : Bringing back space bowling with style

  • Mass multiplier , + signature multiplier , -/+ target speed multiplier
    Base duration of 180 seconds, reduced by skills/boosters.

On activation, changes the “billiard” ball hit box of the ship to 1-2 sizes bigger. Also changes the mass and signature to match. Agility is reduced to 0 for duration of activation cycle. This means the ramming ship lose all ability to turn for the activation cycle.

On collision, impacted ships either:

  1. have speed immediately increase by 10,000% briefly. or
  2. have speed immediately reduced to 0 briefly
  3. have 1-100% random amount of structure damage, including immediate destruction of modules *.
  4. have one or more active modules completely overheat/damaged.

5.[edit] target ship can activate same module for countering, turning back and doubling the effects on the incoming ship.

*will not distinguish between hostile or friendly ships. Chance modified by relative ehp of ships involved.

  • This module can operate under cloak for one cycle. This is for additional survivability from losing all signature bonus of small ships as well as ability to turn.

  • This module is low slot and can fit on freighters.

  • Frigates become the size of battlecruisers.

  • Cruisers become the size of battleships.

  • Battleship become the size of super capitals.

  • Capitals become the size of stations.

  • Super capitals become the size of keepstars.

Citadel standup versions available with Area of Effect radius, such that attacking fleets can be flung out
of range.

Defensive use :
Note this ramming module can be used to rescue/extract capital fleets by knocking them out of interdiction fields.

how do you prevent people just field thousands of corvettes fitted with those modules and ram a titan to death?

This makes this mechanic stupid OP. Allowing it to work for one cloak cycle further unbalances things. Increasing ship sig would help, but is not enough.

It also wouldn’t be very fun for anyone involved. It would incentivize treating newbros like cannon fodder, and the RNG mechanics would feel worse to players than those associated with ECM.

Of course, it would help balance out the oppressiveness of capitals, but capital pilots would get pissed if a handful of cheap ass ships could easily offline all their mods and possibly insta-gib their cap.

OMG, this is a terrible idea. But I kind of like it for it’s troll potential.

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I understand not liking the bump mechanic, but this would ruin PVP.

That’s why it’s a random chance. Chance can also be linked to relative mass, such that by activating the same module on the target you can counter ram and destroy the incoming ship. Even existing modules like smart bombs can wipe out an entire swarm of small ships with the signature penalty in play. I should probably add that to the original post.

Note that this module negates nearly all the benefit of small ship. They’d far easier to hit and destroy.

At higher numbers they’d start affecting each other. Note the inability to distinguish friend or foe.

At a certain point the corvettes will be killing each other more than the titan.

And as the titan gets knocked around, it gets out of the way of most ramming.

Lastly, with a single smart bomb the titan can wipe out the entire corvette fleet from the huge hitbox and low hp.

Two Mallers with smartbombs.


Should I flag this post as trolling, or sit back and watch it grow?

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