Random crashes - mostly while probe scanning

I don’t think it’s exclusively while probe scanning, but that’s where I’ve noticed it the most since I live in a wormhole. Eve is fine for me most of the time, but sometimes I’ll start getting some UI glitches that get progressively worse until Eve crashes. Particularly, all UI elements will start to flicker randomly. The 3D “in space” part never fails to render but the UI elements on top of it will flicker in and out. This is often accompanied by random game freezes, usually only a quarter to a half of a second. Just enough to be disruptive. After a while of doing this, I get the “exefile.exe has stopped working” dialog.

I’m running Arch with the latest KDE environment. I run in Windowed mode but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. I saved the crash logs but I don’t know how to interpret them and don’t know if they contain any useful information or not:

Crash log #1
Crash log #2

Any guidance would be appreciated!

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