Re-establishment of Science and Technology Institute

As some pilots may be aware, the Providence Science and Trade Institute was established to facilitate STEM higher education among colonists of the region, along with offering complimentary courses to the Theological Institute in furthering the aims and meeting the needs of the Providence Coalition. The Citadel hosting the facility was destroyed in the recent invasion by Pandemic Legion forces, but no staff or students were harmed thanks to the event occuring during the Annual Break along with all Citadels having been co-opted for the war effort.

As President and main financial backer of the Institute I am sad to see the collective talents of the various departmental staff go to waste, therefore I will be re-establishing this higher education facility.

I am making this announcement public as I am interested in any bids by interested parties for all supply, staffing and support. Pilots with key skills in STEM subjects who would like to offer their time in guest lectures would also be welcome to contact the Board.

The new Institute home has yet to be decided, but it is likely to be based somewhere within the Empire. We envision the facility offering key, specific courses with a view towards careers within the Capsuleer sector. With the experience of Pilots on the Board, we know exactly the kind of quality candidates we need to support our work and what kind of training is required to deliver that. The facility, while giving preferencial treatment to Amarrian students, will also be open to foreign candidates.

All interested parties are kindly requested to respond via mail to myself as President of the Board of Directors.


Have you considered the Querious market hub freeport? Not 9CG, I think, the one the QFC uses. Plenty of traffic, people know to not interfere, and they won’t be able to shoot at baseliners anyway.

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Thank you, I’ll certainly keep that option in mind.

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