Reactions need their type listed in the formula

When looking at a reaction formula, none of them contain the type of reactor they need in order to do the combine. It’s incredibly frustrating to not get all the required info for a combine from within the formula. It sucks to go into a station with your materials only for that specific structure to not have the correct reactor online. Please put the reaction type in the formulas.


Very good idea.

What types exist?
I thought there was exactly one Reactor player structure and all reactions could be done there, or at starbases.

There are 3 reactors you can install, Biochem,composite, and hybrid. A single formula will require one of those reactors to be online in your structure

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Thanks. Do structures have resources available to install and operate all three simultaneously?

Yes, an athanor can run all 3 at the same time, but then you can’t run a drill. A Tatara can run all 3 as well along with a drill, but each requires fuel and running all 3 at the same time may not be needed in the same location at any given time, so you offline the ones you don’t need to save fuel.

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This is probably the wrong forum now that I look at it. Mods if you could move this to where it’s supposed to be, or direct me in the right place, that would be fantastic!

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This is not really a QoL feature, but critical information missing from the game. Shouldn’t need to go to an external resource to get basic information on what kind of reaction each blueprint is.