Reading patchnotes backwards

A small mini game, if you want to say so, to show things you dont like that happened over time. Simply post the exact opposite of what was done, as if it was patched new. Ill start, to give you an idea. Now, this is not only for the recent updates, but also for things that generally happened.

  • Added a new agent finder in a seperate window, with a bit more of filter options. It should speed up the progress of you finding agents you like.

  • Removed chat bubbles from characters.

  • Updated sov claiming system to not rely on entosis links anymore.

  • Brought the old can flipping mechanics back to increase both social interaction and communication between capsuleers

  • reintroduced dominion-style sov, because in hindsight that was much better than the current system that tries to empower the little guys unnaturally.

we make t3 bses for jc meowly

  • Added a captains quarteer where capsuleers can walk around a table.
  • Added a fully functionable door for the closet behind it.
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  • removed the “vault” exploit that allowed to teleport PLEX across the Galaxy and beyond.
  • removed the magic asset teleportation exploit which people abused to secure their stuff from people who invested a lot of time to rightfully claim it by destroying a station.
  • removed skill injectors because pay2win sucks
  • removed the cash shop and put all the stuff back into the game for which you already payed for with one of the biggest subscription fees in gaming
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another one:

Fixed the issue with images staying gray on first load. Images now will load correctly.

Concord no longer cares if you blow up cans/wrecks, now providing only a suspect flag when it isn’t yours.

Faction Police will no longer respond to capsuleer related issues as they are perfectly well suited (the capsuleers) to deal with said issues.

Befitting a game in 2018, we have introduced full color customization for the UI, including a hue color wheel, brightness, and transparency settings. A second custom color set of tools will be used to the same effect for your NEOCOM buttons.

Continuing along the themes of respecting our player’s individual tastes and accessibility needs, we have introduced a broad array of custom sound options, complete with individual volume slider settings whenever possible. And when sounds must be grouped together, a tooltip function will quickly and easily show which sounds are in what group, so you no longer have to guess or wait for someone to post about it on the forums.

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  • Set the cost of war declarations to ten million isk per week to allow newer players to engage in actual competition with rivaling companies, in an ongoing effort of increasing social interaction in space.

Here is one from Tuesday

Volatile SKINs can now be traded openly on the market or via contracts.

(yes that is the backwards reading, seriously :psyccp:)

the more ridicilous it sounds, the better :slight_smile:

i have another:

Introduced Language channels for general eve talk, and getting the help channel a bit clearer.

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That’s really a dumb idea. #CCPdidthis

You can now try the game for 21 days. once the trial period ends you have to pay a subscription if you want to login again.
This should increase the number of online players significantly.

Research points accumulate regardless of your account status.

Why just revert dumb moves? I want the paths not taken! Never done before stuff! Like:

  • Added 100+ new Agent missions across all difficulty levels, with updated art assets from the last 8 years. This is the first batch produced by Team Carebears Matter, a new team who will introduce themselves in a future devblog.
  • We are pleased to introduce the new Unfolding Missions, an evolution of Epic Arcs with randomized events that make the mission chains both repeatable and more challenging than regular scripted missions. The first Unfolding Mission is called “Bring me the head of the bodyguard” and will send you in a chase after the man responsible for kidnapping the Damsel… or was he?
  • The new EVE User’s Guide is the ultimate resource for all things EVE. Based on the repository of rules and mechanics used by our teams (seriously… you don’t expect anyone to know personally EVERY rule and mechanic in EVE Online after 15 years, do you?) it will provide answers to how to do everything coded into the game, from what is “focus fire” in the drones menu to how to start a new alliance. Hopefully new players and veterans will find this User’s Guide more accessible, reliable and updated than player-created resources.

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