Vanguard Grievances

What’s the point of an update when you give us such minor fixes for ANYTHING, and VERY few new things? For starters:

  1. The audio slider does NOT need >>6<< decimal places for audio adjustment, NO ONE ever needs that level of control, while simultaneously not giving us the ability to kill different sounds. For the love of GOD, let me turn down that awful noise that plays when i’m trying to join a match, it’s loud and there’s no adjustment for anything other than “Audio”. Why is there no sliders for “Music”, “SFX”, Etc?
  1. The game decided to just change resolution on me mid game. either this is a bug, or there’s a keybind that changes resolutions IN GAME (i was pressing F and possibly ctrl at the same time), which is COMPLETELY unacceptable. There should NEVER be a way to change game screen resolutions while you’re trying to loot containers.
  1. The ready button is NOT easy to hit, and i have hit Leave Squad more times than i’ve hit ready. There’s only a small sliver of the icon that is interactable with. How has this not been addressed?
  1. I have seen MAYBE 3 new mission tasks, and that seems to be the extent of new content? Maybe wait a little longer between patches, cause there isn’t enough new content for this patch to be engaging, and this really feels like you’re taking PAYING CUSTOMERS, and using them to test things in the game that YOU should be paying your DEVELOPERS to test, not your customers. The PLEX givaway is a SMALL amount, and incredibly insulting to use as a means to attract players for something you should do yourselves.

Yeah it seems like nothing has been done to fix anything that was wrong with the first playtest and they just added some maybe missions. Last playtest was great but I ran into more issues in just the first 3 deployments than I did the entire last playtest. Please CCP.

In January, February, April and May, these events will focus on minor patch updates, primarily centred around bug fixes and balancing changes

never said anything about new missions etc

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InB4 ISD locks the thread for:

  1. criticizing CCP’s programming, and
  2. ranting.

ok, well, accepting the fact they laid out the content was going to be light for the first few updates, they still did little to improve QOL while playing. i had so many technical difficulties they should have addressed by now it’s not funny, on top of NEW ones. it seems like they’ve taken a step back, IMO, and i LOVED the first play test. i was EXCITED for this patch (of course, i had mistakenly hyped myself for content that wouldn’t be, and that’s my bad, lol).

even baring new content, i still found more enjoyment with the last patch. hopefully the next patch can implement some QOL improvements that most video games provide, like improved audio control, UI function, Etc.

I started the Vanguard update just as I was going to bed. I got up, read up on the forums, then tried to start EVE. It got stuck on authenticating screen for every account I tried.

I had the launcher verify game files and it started a 38 gb download. I thought that couldn’t be right, so I checked the tq SharedCache, 200 mb. WTF. Somehow downloading and installing Vanguard completely wiped out my EVE install. But hey at least I can play the Vanguard pre-Alpha now. :rage:

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I just can’t with my tiny rifle lol. I need a bigger gun. LMGs please XD I want to do WW2 style suppressing fire with belt feds. This tiny rifle we get makes me cry. I know we will see more guns in the future.

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That what … said

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FYI, EVE Vanguard is… in pre-alpha state yet, it’s barebones for building up the full game eventually with hopefully our help

here is a roadmap for H1 2024

and particulary

And here is a web page with some troubleshooting tips

@Sarah_Olson for your trouble with logging in EVE Online and new launcher wiping out your old launcher install I would consult with launcher team on EVE Discord

they are super responsive


Why does the match summary start at the last screen instead of the first stats screen? I have to click Previous to go back to the Kills and Stats. That makes no sense.

The tactical view (right click) should also highlight loot cans that still have stuff inside.

I gave up with it, fine it’s good that they let us have a look but it might have put more players off than actually recruiting to the cause.

Uninstalled here.

Yeah, you’re right :wink: Funny thing I somehow hadn’t bothered with that :thinking:

I don’t have or use Discord. I don’t use any social media at all anymore, I find it to be very toxic and taxing.

Ill take discord over reddit. Seems mostly discord is mostly memes but it also has a helpful AI there.

The eve discord is nothing like the forums or social media


I would really like a bit more instruction on starting in Vanguard. Mechanics, UI, Objectives. There was a slight tutorial with the first playtest. I was only able to play a few rounds for that event. This event comes around and I’m kinda excited to play. I jumped in solo at first figuring a refresher tutorial would be involved after not even being able to open the Vanguard client for a month. My deaths were quick and frankly confusing as I was in the menu looking up key bindings and attempting to take in my surroundings. I didn’t make it more than 30 meters from my spawn point and still didn’t understand what my goal was. I figured it was time to join a random squad and ask other players for help. Well, I couldn’t match with a random squad for whatever reason at which point I gave up on this play test. So I won’t be getting the nifty participation reward for this play test. Now is there an option for going over basics of the game that I just missed? And if there’s not can that be a thing. Playing for a few rounds then nothing for a month doesn’t allow for much retention of the game.


Quick official orientation for playtests

The main objective is to test FPS mechanics as extensively as posdible and find as many bugs as possible.

Hence obviously best testers are hardcore FPS players how pwn you in seconds. There are already some regurals now frequenting playtests for second time.

CCP noticed that already and offered tiered PLEX rewards for top 10: 3000 PLEX - 500 PLEX depending on place to take care for retention.

As you can see the rewards allow for PLEXing further playtest participation by financing 14 omega days 250 PLEX Warclone Pack that appears day before playtest start.

You don’t have to do contracts to test FPS mechanics. Just run around and shoot everything that moves …or sentry turrets.

But doing contracts help you do it in more structured way without burden of thinking too much on what to do next. And gives you ISK cents to be spent on some future equipement (maybe in June)

More info

Oof, Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt was the same way but worse. A good chunk of the players coming in for the beta were extremely high skill battle royale players looking for something new. It drove off the new folk and contributed to a massive hacker infestation.

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