Really? Again CCP? Invasion in SOE epic arc systems

Cool cool

Just any frigate at @4-6k EHP and an align of less than 5 should be totally fine.

Also, do Trigs show up at actual mission sites?

But SoE Arc is not a tutorial. It is an Epic Arc. It also has 50+ missions across a huge number of HS systems. By going “but think about the newbros” route it’ll damage game as a whole.

Triglavian scouts (recon damaviks) dont have an anchoring variety, so if you are not a slowpoke - you should be able to avoid them.

No. Belts, celestials, stations/citadels and gates.

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I didn’t encounter any of them in mission site.


Sisters of EVE Epic Arc
Given the variety of systems this arc can take place in, players are asked to refrain from any form of griefing to rookie players (30 days old or less) in mission sites and systems associated with the arc. Such griefing involves but is not limited to; destroying, stealing or ransoming mission critical items.


Cool cool.

Well with the above parameters or better, as long as they dont linger or engage they should be fine.

Destroyers pretty much suck for new folk anyway

It applies to PvP bullying/griefing. NPCs have nothing to do with that as long as they dont have scrams (and they dont).

Culling Live Story content because it can affect those systems is not the way to go, imo.

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And they somehow removed possibility of spawning invasion near career agents systems. So let’s leave that for CCP to decide if this need intervention from them.

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I have no problem with that - career systems ARE tutorial systems. Everything else should be a fair game.

Edit: What i am trying to say is that too much cuddling and handholding can have negative effect on newbros when they lose more expensive stuff later because they have never experienced some part of EvE before (were safeguarded from it).


Yeah, let’s just keep telling ourselves that as the game slowly keeps hemorrhaging players.

The main problem is that the Triglavian Incursions is content designed and intended for experienced Veteran players who are already skilled and know how to fit ships, not brand new players who are still figuring out the game mechanics and UI controls.


You should put all your love and knowlegde to baby the new players if you want to have players in the future to be able to keep your attitude.

Taking this content thats easily worked around in game by new players away rather than them learning or being taught survival skills would be babying, and would not help them.

Impossible! People only play games where there is zero challenge and you can’t lose anything ever for the first year! Ever!


I keep forgetting how expensive those free destroyers are

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Seriously, some people act like new players are babies who have to be protected and not gamers that look for a game where actually something happens. If anything then all that cuddling or lack of actual challenge is responsible for the early exit of new players.

Imagine picking up a new game and nothing happens…


Agree 100%

Ive always said a good CEO is like a GM; give your guys adventures.

Same goes for new players.

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It is indeed, but the PvE combat in this arc is definitely new player friendly. Many folks do SoE right after the tutorials and career agents.

EVE’s permanent loss mechanic makes it tougher for a new player.

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If noobs ask for help in local with the trigs reply?

yeah except when you go through the invasion systems and one of the battleships got spawned on the gate. Been there and got instalocked in a covops i use against blockades all the time, as long as they dont have smartbombs…those hurt

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After reading some answers here and my personal experience of months (if not years) spent in help channels, best idea is to simply teach new players more about danger coming from invasion NPC’s.

At this point we get generic popup when trying to jump into invaded system. But since missions wants you to go there most of them will just ignore message.
We have agency, why not just elaborate there more how dangerous triglavians are for new and solo player and give link to that information at end of mentioned popup.
This is also (in my opionion) close to CCP ideas about informing and learning why they lost ship. Mentioned here, in this presentation :

I’m also not after holding hand and guiding blindly from point A to point B. But first lost that is not a part of mission is crucial moment that most of time decide if they stay or rage quit (I quit for like month after my first lost ship). Guy from screenshot I published above defiently don’t have idea why got killed every time he undocked in corvette. I actually mailed him and adviced to warp out in capsule just to get away from triglavians. Just to not frustrate him more. He was good experience from that? No. Did he learned something form that? Maybe.
My point here is that EVE playerbase is changing. After reading and helping in rookie help or normal help channel I see that we get less and less people that are able to handle trowing them inside sandbox (everyone who started in times: “here is your corvette, ■■■■ off and enjoy your sandbox”. Will understand that first few days in EVE are hard) and force them to find all information they need on their own. CCP starts aiming at this type of players. Some will stay. Most probable wont (let’s be honest. EVE is not for people that can’t find informations and think out solution on their own). But I think there is no harm to game itself by making first few days less steep experience.

Someone also mentioned that SOE arc is no longer tutorial. It’s not tutorial but definitely is part of NPE. Because everywhere when new player asking “what to do?” will get that formula: 1. Tutorial 2. Career Agents 3. SOE arc.

I get reply from GM to ticket about that matter. I don’t know how much automated reply it was but GM suggested to continue discussion and whole topic was forwarded to people responsible for this type of stuff. I asked ISD to move this topic to “player features & ideas” so please, make discussion civil and constructive.


The new player Im helping out at the minute was unable to do the arc in a destroyer (there were no Triglavians in system at that point). But When I gave him a cruiser he walked them.

This suggests the Arc needs revised. Or at the very least giving new players terribad destroyers needs revised.

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I still don’t get what is so “bad” about nannying new players so that they stay…

They will learn the sad parts of eve(griefing,ganking) soon enough but the first month they should be protected from every harm like that…

At the end of this period a message pops up saying “And NOW your are entering the real EVE Online,expect no forgiveness anymore” :slight_smile:

Extreme opinion for some people here i know…but puppy protection is no new thing to mmog’s…you just forgot how it was as YOU were a noob and try to show all here how big your balls are today…:slight_smile:

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