Really boring posts lately, don't become boring

I really enjoyed reading a lot of the posts here, but what happened to the many trolls, etc. I miss this troll brigade guy (whatever his name was), I also miss all these people that I could easily identify who they were (before this new and horrible forum shit was introduced)…
Please, make this more fun again, don’t become boring, show the world you are still talented in the art of trolling, hijacking posts, CSM and GM imitators.

tl;dr: Forums are becoming boring because it is becoming too serious.

I’m not even sure who it is you’re referring to as a “troll brigade”.

But I imagine you can “thank” in part the mods for this forum becoming less entertaining for you.

He means Unsuccessful At Everything


That was some classy trollin’.

New trolling is… without soul and a chore to read.

–Nostalgic Gadget

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Agreed, tiz all a bit crap if I’m honest.

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The game is going down the sink, that’s all. Stop worrying and enjoy the ride while it lasts.

I need you guys to spice up the forums again !!! Please, take a few minutes today, and think of a way, how you can make the forums fun again.

I have to admit… ccp has serious issues on their hands and they will hide anyone’s comments talking about the state of the game in full honesty…

eve isn’t dead but it surely is dying,… just look at the numbers online… sorry bro’s… there is nothing to celebrate or deny when you fail… I repeat fail constantly to even break 64K active players online…we’ve gone free 2 play and we still haven’t beaten our own record… so there… ccp all your changes has done absolutely nothing to increase your numbers on the long term… the game is setup for its veterans… I feel like leaving it be… this is a retiree’s haven after all. so it is what it is…

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