Too many boring posts

Back in the day there were some really great posts, such as which eve character has the biggest rack, stories how newbros got wasted on their first day in low sec, people crying about CODE. rightfully blowing up their worthless ships, etc, now, all I can read is boring crap.
You all got a new mission, make the forums worth reading again please. Be proactive, do something !!!

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You know what the problem is right? Lack of content in more ways than one. Too many wanting spoon feeding, not enough making content. Lowsec is close to dead, wormholes are half forgotten, null is long stretches of donut lands and camping with short spurts of interesting things and then 3-6 months of doldrums.

Established entities are too heavily entrenched for small hungry parties to really do much other than scare the casuals and careless bears. Not to mention caps getting dropped on any and all sub-cap brawls that get remotely interesting out in low/null.

Basically, cynos need a nerf. But given how fundamental they are to the current meta expect obscene amounts of screaming if they get so much as looked at. Specifically logistics is typically too safe with jump chains and caps are too easy to drop on anything moving within range.

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No content because every idea for content gets shut down by the playerbase that cries that there’s no content.

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Instead of whining like a worthless consumer who needs his fix, you could do what you wish for.

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Just like the OP. Everyone who whines about a lack of content has himself to blame first !


Why you so boring?


Not the best quality salt OP provides, but salt nevertheless. :popcorn:

If a large number of newbies who want to get “stuff done” are sucked into one of the big “come join us it’ll be fun” 0.0 groups (Phorde, BRAVE et al) then all you do is create followers, content consumers.

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Wow, thx for the feedback, beats all other half-baked replies. I totally see now why the forums are so boring, a mix of those new boring wannabe forum kings and a game that could not have been made any worse when compared to the golden days 2003-08.

Be the change you want to see.


Is that why you became a pervert?

that’s all you deserve.

“Before I liked it, now I don’t like it, efforts have to be done - but not by me”.
Seriously ?


It was just more active, more people on it so chance of stumbling on some better stuff was greater.

You want more? Bring people here.

BTW I have really big avatars. Square. Not those peephole sized that CCP just could not be bothered to change. I recently turned off that script and got back to these peephole sized and it felt like boring text with few pixels attachet to it in that place where your soul have to be. :disappointed:



Removed an off topic post.

Pft… this whole topic is off topic. Besides… I’d be willing to bet dollars to donuts you removed it for inappropriate content, not because it was off topic.

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Off topic is inapropriate enough hehe.

Where is my donut? :drooling_face:

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Blue glazed


I think this is partially due to the incredible success of, which provides a good story every day. The website also serves to educate EVE miners to be more graceful in defeat. As a result of this educational effort the more gallent miners are no longer complaining about their just punishment, but unfortunately that means that the remaining whine posts about CODE are written by the very very shallow end of the gene pool, and therefore largely no fun.

Yeah yeah yeah. Nostalgia is worthless and a waste of time.