Really quiet Place for Ice Mining. NO CODE

I found this really quiet little high sec pocket that I wish I had found back when I was a miner.

Erkinen is the first system in the pocket and it has lots of belts and a Ice belt to boot. I have seen 1 small 10 man group of miners in the system and that is all. and because you have to pass 2 small low sec systems to get to it, I never see Code. in here ruining things for those 10 miners. So I think it can sustain a lot more.

Of course Procurer or Skiff with a bit of tank would be the recommended fit to be on the safe side from any gankers.

I hope this helps some people enjoy and stay with the game, seems a great little spot.

Thanks for the tip for CODE. Now you will have them there for sure.


Can’t help feeling it’s not wise to advertise your quiet little place like this … :thinking:


go to Nullsec. You won’t EVER find CODE in Nullsec.


Why do I get the feeling that the OP has barely hidden intensions?


Crossed my mind too, has a definite smell of bait about it … maybe we are just too cynical … :thinking:

Bait’ was the first thing that came to my mind too, Gregorius Goldstein, Sindara T’Soni.

If I found a nice little pocket like that (and I do know currently of a couple) the only people I’d tell were pilots who I trusted deeply, knew well and I certainly wouldn’t just post about it in the forum.

I’d suggest youthful naivety but Terry Severasse has been playing since 15.11.2015 (, so it does make you wonder about what the motivation is here.

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unless you are fighting over poco’s most barge losses have been to NPC. not sure what I would gain from “Baiting” but this is eve, I was considering Importing proc’s and fits and possibly if that proved lucrative setting up ice buy orders.

So Ya there is a bit of a “Hidden” agenda. But strongly depends on reaction and interest.

There are pockets of highsec like this scattered around the cluster, but the fact one has to traverse some lowsec to get to them is a high wall to many solo miners. You need a scout to get your mining barge across the strip of no man’s land, reliably. Or skill up for one of the new small cloaky mining ships that were designed for low and null :wink:

This kind of post can look like bait written by “the lowsec guys” hoping a new batch of tasty mining ships will make the trip :wink:

True enough I suppose. Must be why its so quiet, 1 group with 10 orca’s is all I ever see mining, and a few other small ships look to be running anoms. If it had some traffic would be good place for market play if you can get stuff in and out. DST or JF.

The secret of eve is to keep things to yourself, if you open your mouth you ruin your game play and the play of others, if this was your way to appear ‘innocent’ you failed, the only problem, why would you want to do that???

Simply amazing that people actually try to cover their intentions when it is of 2 choices, I’m not posting the other but that is just a strange way to be.

What do you mean? Who’s game play am I ruining? I want to increase traffic to the outer areas so I can move market items further from Jita/Amarr more distance more pay for the work.

Space Trucker its MY game.

Also, I HATE Code. So helping people get away from them, while lining my pockets. = WIN

Darling, you just helped CODE find new targets. By telling people in a very public way where they can find a quiet place to mine, you told CODE “come here, target rich environment for you”.

You realize CODE read this forum too, right?

Do you realize how much of a challenge to CODE posting this with ‘NO CODE’ written all over it is?

What you’re doing is the equivalent of saying hello in Local in a Wormhole because you just want a friendly chat.

You’re inviting death and destruction into your quite little CODE free corner of the universe.

Quiet little corners of the universe only stay that way if you don’t tell people about them.

Most people (myself included) are going to find it very hard to believe that you can be aware of none of these things. If you are genuinely unaware, then I apologize for accusing you of trying to bait people. You have to understand, if you were trying to, this would be exactly the way to do it though.

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Never could trust a Severasse to keep there lips seal’d.

I think its too far for Code. to care they seem like a bunch a disorganized RP’rs that stick to heavily populated areas so they can grief more.

Man people are really paranoid in these forums.

Fixed for you.

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Hi folks, just confirming that CODE. does indeed monitor this forum.

Myself and several others have eyes here.


No, you’ll find the mains of people who have an alt in CODE. and they are way more dangerous =)

Too far away? They have people ganking in Derelik, which is arguably more remote than your systems. There is no “too far away” for lunatics whose only goal it is to ruin your day. :wink: