Rebuild completly the overview client 64bit and some need rebalance


actually there is a lot of problem in the overview (I started eve in 2008 and it never changed)=

It needs to show all or hide all time option because you modify your overview actually all overview is hide bracket…

Enable to choose the size of structure and not only the type (exemple athanor land it’s a big problem)

Possible to choice colour or icon

Simplify the settings or detailed more the options

Possibility to inject fast other full overview settings (very appreciated ) not multiple bracket inject


Rebalance the titan caldari, the least love, why?

Missile use is a problem under tidi 10%, it takes 5 minutes for 300km of travel to hit the target.

So there is a possibility to have fleet smartbomb to explode missile, so 300km 5minutes and the possibility of not reaching the target.


Remove the hit points on the capital missiles (avoid smart bomb problem)

Increase the speed of the missile but reduce flight duration

Propose bonus for titan for a target painter capital (because currently even on a capital it is hard to apply damages)


Bridge option using right click on module (not on capacitor) possible of bridge on selected cyno, would be strongly appreciated.

(is just two line script , a 30 minutes problem solved and lot of people appreciate after ccp )

other options

have a travel option with jump gate

Increase the number of bookmark or fitting, possible storage on cloud or in the computer.

Important proposal to reduce the number of isk estimate in the new eden. -> use the same mechanics as the one in wormhole, for the destruction of citadel in nullsec, I do not understand why concord recovers the items. Because :

1- It’s not roleplay

2- We live in nullsec and life is not a kiwi (easy).

3- There will be more content or obligation to defend / pay mercenary to defend = More content if it’s the same as in WH.

4- There will be an excitation of the player on his killmail and the possibility of loot, if it’s the same as in WH.

It would be highly appreciated if CCP can take a look at my post because I think those modifications are really important

Good day all

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