Reclamation of Eredan



The Eredan Light Horse General Staff has approved, for immediate execution, a system-wide interdiction, blockade, and asset seizure operation inside the Eredan System. This operation has been designated “RECLAMATION OF EREDAN”

Following unsettling news reports of system high tax’s and disrepair of facilities within the Eredan system, ELH military commanders have deemed the over taxation of Eredan citizens and neglect of facilities a direct violation of the Eredan business accord of the Second Minmatar, Amarr war, and requires a full retaliatory response.

All civilian vessels and non-combatant capsuleers are hereby ordered to avoid the Eredan system, as it is now designated a war zone. Any declared vessel we are at war with entering the system, regardless of military value, equipment load out, weapons configuration, or security status, will be targeted and destroyed by Eredan Light Horse combat patrols.

Once the system perimeter is secured, all planetary customs offices currently in orbit will be re-appropriated by the Eredan Light Horse militia on behalf of the Amarr Empire or forcibly dismantled as required. New customs offices will be re-constructed as needed in order to re-establish normal commerce as required by policy and law…

A humanitarian corridor will be established to assist all non-combatant populations onboard the three Eredan stations and on the colony worlds inside the system. Food, medicine, and basic housing materials will be deposited on-site at regular intervals. Our goal here is not collateral damage, but to secure the system and prevent any military access by the Minmatar or their forces. The Chief Executive Panel must be made to understand their reckless warmongering will do nothing but hurt their own cause.

ELH will coordinate with the Amarr Empire and the 24 Imperial Crusade corporation to execute this operation. Updates and addenda to this declaration will be posted to this thread.

Executor Legatus Gorgon
Vice Executor Lathen Yi


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Oooh, I like it when people set up shiny targets that can’t run away.


Pardon me for butting in, but… last I checked, Eredan is already Reclaimed. As in, it is already part of the Amarr Empire, which would make another Reclamation unnecessary.

Unless, of course, you mean to say you are not Reclaiming Eredan, but claiming it for yourself, independent of the Empire. Which means you are in rebellion against the Amarr Empire.

Or, the third and final option, you are just laying claim to whatever portion is allowed to capsuleers, those being the customs offices you mentioned. Which is fine, but seems a bit over-the-top to suggest this is the first time someone has Reclaimed Eredan. At best you are just kicking out some heathen control of the capsuleer market sectors in the system. I suppose that could be considered part of it.

Whatever the case, some clarification would be nice.


Looking over the data about the system it already has a high enough security status that CONCORD and the Empire can sufficiently patrol the system without further assistance.

Seems like another bunch of traitors falsely acting in Empress Caitiz name to me.

But what would I know?


So you want to grab a few COs. Cool. Just don’t make it sound like some noble deed or something.


I’m rather interested in the vices your colleague executes.


Hey, someone has to shoot the drugs.


A misunderstanding, We are reclaiming all POCO’s and POS’s not the system itself. We will also be donating 10% of all profits back to the Amarr War Effort.


Very good, conduct your wars with honor.


Meh, nothing noteworthy.


I suppose there’s enough novelty in that for the Amarr to try it occasionally


Does this mean there’s no market for official Cardinal Graelyn™ merchandise, like the “Reclaim the Heathens” posters, and the cuddly toys ?





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Oh man, I sure do love all these threads where people waggle their third legs over the capture, recapture or re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-recapture of a star system in a perpetual pendulum war which by design has absolutely no possible victory condition.

It never gets old.


Eredan is in high security space, it is unrelated to faction warfare other than that the corporation that’s taking the customs offices is in the militia.

So… You’ve declared a war against the locals and you’ll target the locals? This only effects people in the group you targeted, which is a corporation with 3 members, so why do you feel the need to post this? Melodrama? Are you unaware that the system is highsec and a “system-wide interdiction, blockade, and asset seizure operation” would be impossible unless you have a lot of catalysts or could tell if someone is going to come through twenty-four hours in advance?

Looking at the war report, you’ve killed a customs office and lost a Nemesis and a Naga(The Nemesis has an empty mid slot and the Naga fit leaves a lot to be desired.). Overall, poor showing so far.

Uuuh… Are we thinking of the same CEP? Because the CEP is Caldari. So… They’re your allies.

In case you forgot.

As far as I can tell, the CEP has no relation to Eredan at all actually. The stations in the system are owned by Imperial Shipment, the Theology Council and Kaalakiota Corporation.

Are we talking about the same 24th Imperial Crusade? Because they’re the militia, and the militias don’t coordinate.

I just now bothered to read this post and I know I’m two days late and other people have already made fun of you but I had way more fun writing this post than I should because yours is all around a weird mess.

Good luck with your wardec I guess. No one likes customs office bashing.


The Amarr will reclaim everybody, including THEMSELVES. Seems like alot of our problems could have been avoided if they started doing that centuries ago…

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Excuse me, but what does CEP have to do with that?..

And, we are not warmongers, we only protect the State from the Federal invasion.

See now, that was pretty nice.

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No, you will be Reclaimed. :thinking::unicorn:

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Well considering that I avoid empire space as much as possible that won’t be an issue.

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