[RECRUITMENT] Deep Space Alliance LS/NS - PVP/Mining/Indus

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o7 pilot !

Welcome on the official recruitment announcement of Deep Space Alliance
We are a multilingual alliance of human size, of a coalition, Rekking Crew
Our spririt ? Mutual aid, knowledge sharing, a relaxed atmosphere between adults, whithout dramas (we’re great poets, we love blonds and mustaches )
We mainly live in null-sec (Providence area), with a LS zone and a HQ also in HS, not far from Amarr.

Sunglow Industries – ENGLISH - PVP/Mining - Nerzul Narasha & Starort RACERS
New Eden Observatory – CHINESE - Pan Starrs
Eden.AdvanceLife – JAPANESE(modifié)
Hell For French – FR – PVP - Adle LEBRETON/Salas Soldierz/Kfren
Astral Mining Industries – FR - Mining/Industry - Lilou Calor/Hardkoz Ormand/Ahr Anthar
Les Corbeaux de New Eden – FR - Tout - Victor Corneille/Tarces
REACT. - FR - Tout - Sandy FR


  • PVP – Recurring and spontaneous fleets : Roaming/Filament/Campgates/ESS theft – OP/War on a larger scale from time to time
  • Mining – Moons/Anomalies/Ice belts/Gas…
  • Industry – PI, every production from base components to big ships and modules (T2, capitals…)
  • PVE – Missions, Anomalies, DED…


  • Rigged stations for max boost industry/reprocess, clones bays in HS/LS and NS
  • Moons in HS, LS and NS – one every 2 days or so
  • Ice belts
  • Hauling service
  • Private market/buyback program for loots/salvage
  • Doctrines ships on contracts
  • SRP system on big PVP actions
  • Mumble for the vocal/Discord for every text discussion (pings/trading/meme)(modifié)

We also have and “academy” alliance non wardeckable to train you if you just started/if you come back after a long AFK/for alts dedicated to transports

  • Only OMEGA pilots
  • IRL first but, a minimum of playtime is ask (something like twice a week at least). We do not want ghosts pilots who would play only once per month. To warn us if you go for a long break is the least you can do.
  • 1 month of “trial period”
  • Give an access to your information to our alliance via an authentification website (security you know…)
  • A small rent/month in your corpo and a tax on moon rocks you mined in order to participate to the financing of alliance costs (stations fuel, SOV in NS…)
  • CTA Operation (Call to Arms) - Mandatory if you’re online to rare operation in order to finance the alliance/defend our territory /our stations/to attack if we decide to expand
  • Mandatory use of vocal mumble in PVP OP and in LS/NS

Interested ? Join without waiting our public chan Deep Space Alliance Public to meet one of our recruiters
Fly safe but dangerously !

We’re looking for pilot who wanna pewpew in small gang ! Join us now !

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