Recrutement pour "Blue Technocrates" ------Blue Technocrats Recruitment----


ok …

holy crap, calm your tits with the recruitment spam.
all your posts are being reported by me as we speak… you only need one damn recruitment post.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

ho dam sorry I tough i aws posting in private conversation
So … my bad i will try to delete them !!!

there are no private conversations here on the forums.

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I’ve removed your other posts. Keep it to one update to your original post per day. Only warning. Thank you.

this isn’t the original so it can be closed too

ok Just one per day ok !


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This is not very nice pub for us so i would like if you delete this post i’m gonna publish another one in 2 days and simply one post

Closed via polite request. Thank you.

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