Redemption Support

So I made a support ticket through the Redemption system on the 1st of March to see about getting my banned account from 2015 unbanned, since making the ticket I have received no response, I know there will be most likely a backlog of old players trying to return to the game but I’m starting to think only 1 person is actually working these cases on a weekly/monthly basis.

Has anyone else gone through this redemption support? if so how long has it taking to get a response?

That depends. You going to bot again?

never botted, wouldn’t even know how to mate.

Just curious as to why you were banned ?

I was a banker for IWantISK, I’m sure we all got banned but some have got there accounts back, back when I was banned a short while after my PC broke and with work I never replaced it until recently so I never appealed the ban back then.

Why were people involved with the bank banned? Was it found that you all were funneling illegal isk through the bank?

Oh yeah, we all are in line for that…