Reduced BO - WTS 150M SP Amarr Cap Archon/Rev/Aeon - Perfect Skills. Just needs Titan skillbook to fly Avatar

(Kalin Bomnar) #1


PW: 0701
150 Mil Skill Points!!
Most Skills at Lvl 5, and just missing Amarr Titan to be able to sit in Titan.

  • Amarr Carrier Lvl 5

  • Amarr Dreadnought Lvl 5

  • Capital Ships Lvl 5

  • Jump Drive Operation Lvl 5

  • Jump Drive Calibration Lvl 5

  • Doomsday operation lvl 4.

  • Npc Corp

  • Wallet is green/positive

  • No Kill Rights

  • No Jump Clones

  • Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy

  • -1.2 Sec Status

250k Unallocated Skill Points

3 Remamps available
+3 full set of implants

**B/O: 155 Bil (was 175) **

(Dylan Art) #2

How much

(Kalin Bomnar) #3

Well I can use skill extractors and raise around 150-160 bil.

So Looking between 155 bil, and 175 bil, depending on who wants it :wink:

If someone is really keen, there is a buy out at 175. This would really be good as a main char for someone due to its amount of lvl 5, fully trained skills, including leadership skills!

(Kalin Bomnar) #4

Daily Bump

(Donald Gump) #5

quality character hope it sells well 110b offer to get it going

(Gattanera) #6

112 bil

(Kalin Bomnar) #7

Daily Bump

WTB 200m SP sub-cap focused pilot
(Kalin Bomnar) #8

Daily Bump

(Kalin Bomnar) #9

Daily Bump

(Kalin Bomnar) #10

Another Bump

(Kalin Bomnar) #11

Daily Bump for a good char. Do take a look the the eve skillboard link

(Kalin Bomnar) #12

Daily Bump

(Kalin Bomnar) #13

Buy Out reduced, and end time put on of Sunday 9th September

(Kalin Bomnar) #14

Last chance to own this character before sale is withdrawn…

(Kalin Bomnar) #16

OK. Well how interested…

(Kalin Bomnar) #17

Are you making an offer? This Char will be removed from sale at 23:59 eve time if not good offer of buy out received…

(Hadeharic) #18

115 Bil

(Kalin Bomnar) #19

Thanks all for the offers, but not come close to what the character is worth extracting skills or close to buy out.

Closing sell order.

(system) #20

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