Refinerys and small corps

With 20 hours of vulnerability refinery’s are almost impossible for corporation use. gas reacting is a wormhole industry and with that much vulnerability on a refinery it rules out guarded use by smaller corps. thus making gas processing and T3 building almost impossible by anyone in a smaller corp. I feel this is unfair to w/hole corps. we were told w/holes where made for small corporations to be able to access low sec ores and gasses. since then ccp has done everything to make harvesting and refining by w/hole corps impossible.


Who told you “w/holes where [sic] made for small coporations to be able to access low sec ores and gasses”?

If you’re too small to defend your space, why do you feel the need to go it alone? Join any one of the other wormhole corporations out there who would welcome new members with open arms instead of being just another person trying to go it alone and complain that they can’t survive alone.

when ccp started w/holes. that was the patch notes I read them at the time. w/hole space was started. and yes I have been in game that long.

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you want to watch a refinery 20 hours a week?


Our group will have no problem defending a refinery even with 20 hours of vulnerability. Just having someone shoot through the shield does not require an immediate response. You then have 24 hours where you can form up to defend your structure if your attacker chooses to attack the armor timer. Small or large, there is no requirement for you to sit and watch your structure during every hour of vulnerability, only to be able to respond to a force that seeks to destroy it through the armor and hull timers.


Coming from a null sec aliance

Not sure what you’re referring to here. I run a C4 wormhole corporation.

I do however see your point but gathering enough pilots in a small cooperation during work or sleep hours gets tough at times we have real families and life’s
and you are in a null sec alliance and most of your kills are in null sec

Have you been drinking again?
I am CEO of Star Explorers, a C4 wormhole corporation
My personal killboard (for what it’s worth) has zero null-sec kills on it

But I don’t know why I’m trying to convince you that the grass is green or the sky is blue.

Me neither. I just feel 20 hours vulnerable is a large window to cover and should be less. I don’t see why you would want it to be that much.

It doesn’t even really matter because Q1 of next year, Upwell 2.0 will change it so that you have

  • 24x7 shield vulnerablity
  • Armor timer 24-48h after attack using defender TZ
  • Hull timer 24h after armor using defender TZ and day of the week

You’ll probably be wishing for 20 hours of vulnerability then


no I don’t drink. nor am I going it alone

well if you think that will make the game more fun for you. I wish you luck with that. but after this conversation I have decided you have some odd views on how thing should be. I prefer not missing sleep or work to play my eve. I find it odd anyone would want to miss the fight do to work or sleep and or loose a station. do to real life responsibilities which pay for my game time and internet!


You don’t need to do either. Is your corp not capable of having SOMEONE online for a 3 hour window per day? You can set your own vulnerability periods. So just line them up for when you generally have players online anyways. You don’t need to have all hands on deck staring at the station for the whole time that it’s vulnerable either.

Simply having someone around who can take a peak at it every so often during that window would be enough. If and only if someone attacks it. Then you can send out pings and rage form a defense.

If you can fight them off, then great, if not, you probably couldn’t have fought them off regardless of the timers. And you will still have two more stabs at it.


I keep seeing this pattern of people complaining that their small group can’t participate due to their low numbers. They want mechanics changed to fit their needs without providing any logical reason for such changes other than “it’s not fair to us.” All this time and effort wasted crying rather than banding together with others or recruiting to make up for their low numbers or lack of combat prowess. Something that has literally been a key element within eve since it’s inception.

When the hell did this community, or society as a whole for that matter, change so much that it okay to expect or demand others to change and not try and better themselves or adapt?

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Amen -

There is another thread where someone wants to make player caps for corporations be endless. The problem from my POV isn’t that corps are bad, CCP has just done a piss poor job of handling the - this guy has 2 million alts - and the best way to manage it is that it is in his own corp - plus we have the rule #1 don’t trust anyone … EVER problem so people don’t band to gather to make bigger groups. Alliances tend to still have the whole trust issue - look what happened to CO2 - One guy in power ■■■■■■ it up for everyone.

Me. I would love to get in with a wh gang for the purpose of doing industry, and I’m going to say it straight out, real life to me takes point over EVE. But I’m not a guy who likes to PVP (have no problem being bait though). I’d go on more, but I need to go to bed.

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CCP consequently is removing/reducing activities avalaible to small groups of players. On the other hand they are trying to bound powerblocks to their territories. Two changes: jump fat and on-grid boosts (and PANIC) determine the direction of game changes. It was some time ago, and you have had to use to it.

Come Q1 2018 every single structure in the game will have 24 hour vulnerability a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. (ie. always vulnerable)
Dont get hung up on the timer, it will chance soon and then you will be able to engage a structure when ever you want.

Set one up and make sure you are making enough isk to set up another one, should your old one be “disposed of”.

CCP never intended that people would actually settle in w-space, they actually thought that the logistics would be too cumbersome. So no they don’t have to make Refineries easier for small corps in w-space, because settling in w-space is supposed to be hard.

And yes I have been in game that long too, it just seams my memory is better.

POS had 24/7 vulnerability.