Reflections on the Word of Saint Junip of Aerui

Having been raised in a convent of the Order of Saint Junip, the teachings of the Saint were, and are a core component of my life and faith in God. As such, I offer these personal interpretations of the more popular passages accorded to the blessed Saint Junip in the interests of stimulating discussion among the Faithful and heathen alike.

"Zakara saw the danger to his brother, and did not hesitate; without weapon or armor, he hurled himself at the beast, attacking with his bare hands. Enraged, the beast turned and struck Zakara, opening a terrible wound in his side. Seizing the moment, Garum ran his sword through the beast’s heart, thus ending the battle victorious. But Zakara, mortally wounded, cried out in pain. ‘You sacrificed yourself for me,’ Garum said, taking his hand.

“‘We are brothers,’ Zakara answered, just before breathing his last. 'And in God we shall remain brothers for all of time.”

  • The Scriptures, Saint Junip 10:25

The example of Zakara in this passage is one intended to instruct the Faithful on the nature of personal sacrifice in service to others of the Faith. We all face our own beasts, whether through our own failings or through the inequities of others. Such beasts like avarice, ambition, corruption, or jealousies. However, we can take succour in the fact that much like Garum, we all have our brothers and sisters in the Faith to assist us in defeating such beasts. When we feel most alone, facing monsters in the dark, we should look towards others to help us in the darkness – our fellow brothers and sisters in the Faith!

More importantly, God will ask us at times to be as Zakara to our brothers and sisters in the Faith. When given such a task, to help another in their darkness and time of need against the beast we must be as Zakara and never hesitate to throw ourselves into the task, irrespective of the risk. For in following the sacrifice of Zakara to his brother we ensure that, ‘And in God we shall remain brothers for all time.’

“Rejoice, o chosen of God”
For our blood fills this Valley of Death,
Proclaiming our sacrifice to God,
And he shall raise it up for all time"

  • The Scriptures, Saint Junip 15:11

There is no greater or more difficult task set by God than that of martyrdom in the name of Faith - to have one’s own blood fill the Valley of Death. However, martyrdom should never be cause for sadness or dejection if a loved one should happen to die in service to God’s mission. Rather, we should rejoice in the act as the chosen of God for it is a proclamation of the ultimate sacrifice that God will raise up for all time. The martyr of God is blessed, and we must always remember that the soil of faith is always made fertile with the sacrifice of martyrs – for they are an example of conviction in God and the courage made of faith in His Mission.

"Here we are.
This is the world of God.
We are his chosen ones.
This place, this planet of peace and abundance, he made for us. It’s ours for the taking.
There will be obstacles and difficulties. That’s his test. We must make his gift deserving.
This beginning.
This birth of life.
This dawn of greatness.
We can not fail, for we have the Emperor to lead us and destiny to follow."

  • The Scriptures, Second Letter of St. Junip of Aerui

This is a reminder that it is we, the Faithful in God, that are His chosen ones. As such we have a manifest destiny to follow lead by the Emperors. That there will be setbacks and difficulties on our path to destiny, yet the planets of peace and abundance God made for us chosen remain ours for the taking. That is the test, and it is only through overcoming adversity to reclaim what is rightfully that of the chosen of God that we make ourselves deserving of His gift to us.

"Faith is an oasis from which we must draw in order to live. Like an oasis, faith is a gift from the Lord that must be shared with all.

Like an oasis, faith must be used with measure and not wasted. Like an oasis, faith should be at the center of a garden.

For it is only in the garden of a just and truthful society, watered by well measured faith, that we may cultivate the spirit of the people."

  • The Scriptures, Seventh Letter of St. Junip of Aerui

A just and truthful society is only made possible by drawing upon the waters of Faith. We must seek to share our faith with all – but it must be measured. There are those who have no remit to the gift of faith from the Lord such as the heretic and the apostate who sully the garden of the people. It is through faith we water the gardens of the people and create beauty. Just as water cultivates a garden, so does faith cultivate the spirit of humanity.


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