Words are lightly given, loyalty is carried in deed

For those charged with prosecuting this war the importance of overcoming at the earliest moment the military, geographical and political difficulties of bringing our true strength to bear cannot be overstated, it is only then that we can begin the necessary process of laying waste to the Republic military facilities and munition centers in Floseswin, for in ashes they must surely lie before the blockade they sustain can be scattered.

And in this make no mistake: whatever your allegiance let it no longer be said that you have not so great an interest as those already unflinchingly engaged in the relentless waging of this war. I am here to make completely clear this is not a Sarumite problem, as the forces of no less then three Royal Heirs fight side by side and those without military involvement attempt to solve the myriad political issues associated with the campaign, it is clear to any but the most delusional that this is the Empire’s trial to endure and to see it through requires that Holy Amarr’s sons and daughters who have taken to the capsule now take up the sword in her service, that while there is breath in our bodies and while blood flows in our veins we not forsake that service.

The Imperial Protectorate of Arzad II is long secured, Thorson’s Ushra’Khan have failed in their strategy to deny us sanctuary in the systems they hold, we now keep fastnesses in Floseswin and Kamela that they dare not address, an additional front now opens for them as mercenaries assail the industrial concerns they hide behind a veneer of respectability in Dammalin. Any declaration that the war is won, or that its end is imminent would be proven as false as every such one before it. That such a victory will be its conclusion I am certain. But the how and when are not mine to see.

Surrounding ourselves with the faithful, standing together in all the strength, steadfastness and endurance heaven has so far granted us, by these, and only by these can we undertake our duty to the future of the Empire and the destiny of all the faithful.

With all due humility,
Lady Saronu Yassavi


With all humility I feel blessed to have contributed what meagre efforts I am capable of mustering in concert with fellow Faithful in Floseswin. As Royal Heir and Sword Marshal Arrach Sarum has decreed Floseswin is rife with the sins of apostasy. It is only through staining the dark soil of unbelief with the blood of our glorious martyrs that we may bring forth His Light to illuminate such an accursed land. Through Faith in God may we accord the righteous ne plus ultra of Amarr Armed Forces victory and glory in His Name.

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