Refonte minage / ratting

Constantly claiming crap let it not become reality…i know you wish it would but it doesn’t.

wrong thread. -.-

You should try adhering to the standards that you hold others to.

The dictionary definition is what it is, and it’s far more likely to be correct than you are.

lol - oh wow…look at that…

Watch out, it’s the Kakapo! :parrotcop: lol


I am afraid any and every psychiatrist will rule you clinically insane and lock you up. Better stay away from them buddy.


Inb4 lock with:

Darlo and party - you’re both idiots.

You may now lock this. Ty.

Dearest OP.

:kissing_heart: C’est la vie mon chéri

I’m sure you will adapt to whatever situation.


You mean the golden shower remark?

You really love putting remarks complete out of context,turning it around and use it as a weapon against one right?

Nice but not working tactic here…

You don’t even stand up to your claims within a single post.

The irony of posting this when you are someone who constantly ask for a politicaly correct gameplay…

Well you are wrong and you know what is the proof of it all?

The fact that you only answer to trolls and insults, and when someone try to take the time to have a serious conversation with you and give you reals arguments, you simply never answer.

Because you know yourself that your positions are mostly wrong and that you would not be capable of defending them in a real debate.

I think you have come yourself to the conclusion that you were wrong a long time ago, but because of your ego you continu to pretend that you really believe what you say.

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Unless you were talking about botany, there is no way to take the phrase golden shower out of context.


Fact. Tried it, never got answered, now just call him dumb.

He’s a massive sub, but on the internet he’s the big strong dom who turns it around and pees on others instead! I’m actually getting angry thinking about whoever turned him into this.

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You know what?

You are an idiot and i fear you know it and don’t care and decided to wear it as a medal…

Explain your context before calling me an idiot, AFAIK there are only 2 contexts that phrase is used in, one is used to refer to a sexual fetish involving wee, the other is to do with species of plant life.



I think you might want to check what a boosted hulk brings in per hour.
Not an unboosted procurer

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all this talk about balos or whatever flavor… everybody is forgetting about the stupidity that was @Salvos_Rhoska XD

:open_mouth: :persevere: :cold_sweat: Nooo! Dooon’t!


I’m sad, i don’t want you to leave Balos, i love you… I can teach you a couple of things you know, maybe you can bait for me?

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I haven’t.