Regarding trading, what would have to be considered a good profit per item to be something of note to capitalize on?

Currently I’m making 300 ISK per item sold from location X to location Y, which lands me around 16 mil profit per run due to my rather small ship compared to some giants.

My question is, as stated in the title, how much profit do I need to be making hourly on average for any of it to be worth, and how often would I have to dip into lowsec?

Depends of course. Potential regional trading profits scale with capital you have to deploy, and perhaps to some extent what ship you can fly to move things. Making 16M/run isn’t bad if your run only takes 15-30 minutes. That is a respectable income for a new player and way more than you would make running level 1-2 missions or basic highsec mining and will allow you to build up a bit of capital.

Of course, you generally want much more than 30-60M/hour, but the higher-traffic/higher-margin items are also going to have much more competition. Keep doing what you are doing, but also experiment with other items and places to see if you can make more profits and go from there.

As for lowsec, it is a higher-risk place to visit, especially as a hauler, but don’t be afraid to go there. Read up on things like the MWD-Cloak trick and avoid the most popular camped systems, and you can move around pretty safely, especially in a small, fast ship (and very safely in a ship with a covert cloak). The major problem is that the volume of trade there is much, much lower than in highsec so finding anything interesting to trade can be hard. I would suggest you avoid it for now, but if you see a great deal on something you can buy and move back to highsec, it probably is worth the risk to take a cheap, fast-aligning ship and move it to a trade hub.

Just remember, never to fly what you can’t afford to lose, even in highsec. Exactly what that means is up to you, but I would suggest a rule of never undocking with more than 10% of your total net worth in a ship/cargo, although I would probably go above that when you first start out as you can replace things pretty easily when you only own less than a few hundred million ISK worth of assets.

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Ship moon goo from Jita to Dodixie and you are bilionare in a week. Of cause as soon as T2 producers will notice that.

It depends on you. It depends on how much you make and how much you deem as worth your time.

Personally, i wouldnt log in for a mere 16 million isk. But for a new player just starting out, that can be a lot of isk. It all depends on how desperate you are, and how much its worth to you.

You dont have to dip into lowsec at all. There are plenty of means of getting tons of profit in hisec. But the more risk involved, the higher the profit, generally, so if you have isk to spare and risk to gamble with, go ahead.

I’m quite new, so could you possible explain what moon goo exactly is?

Minimum 10% and only do items with fairly high volume. The smaller the volume the higher the profit you should demand.

10% it is

Products of moon mining. Stuff, used for T2 production. I remember the times, when Dodixie was heavily undersupplied with them. Check any T2 blueprint copy material requirements. Any t2 gun will do. Compare prices of the non-minerals material in Jita and Dodixie. You will see the difference.

10% is absurd. Don’t waste your time.

Purchases* under 100,000 isk, add 300k to 350k.
Purchases between 100k and 300k, add 350k to 500k
Purchases between 300k and 700k, add 500k to x1.85
Purchases over 700k, x1.85
High isk items need some adjustment, like a 36m is ship, I might put at 1.3x <-edit

When someone undercuts you, undercut them, so they realize this market is unprofitable for them money and time-wise.
Create your market in a good location, make it yours.
Ask some frequent buyers what they would like to see you carry.

When I say ‘Purchases’, I mean Market Sales Price at the nearest large trading hub. Hopefully you have bought most of your stock at much reduced prices thru buy orders.

You don’t want to sit on buy orders forever. Increase the price offered aggressively, so you have a occator filled within two or three days. Some items you will have to pay market price just to fill the ship and get the hell out of there.

I’ve learned what to sell by endlessly playing with ship fittings…

This is how you become a tycoon like my alt.

Sure you can do a big markup when you make your own hub, but how much volume can you move? I’ve made large margins exporting to small hubs but it can take months for the orders to move.

I can easily move high volumes at 10-20% margins between Amarr or Jita, and there’s a few high volume items I’ll go down to 5-8% to discourage competition. I was trading some items where I was making large margins, but when you only sell a few items a day it’s not really worth watching those orders. They can also get pretty volatile so sometimes you make a ton, other times you have to hold inventory or sell for a loss, unless you can buy out the market, but then you have extra inventory that will take who knows how long to sell.

It’s a matter of choice, but I prefer not to sell at major hubs because of the constant +.02 isk you have to modify your order to. Leaving inventory at your own hub market location does require a big investment, but in the long run, the community know where they can get supplied, and it becomes very profitable with minimal effort. Every few days I check my sell orders, as opposed to constantly adjusting prices every hour of the day at a major hub.

It really depends on what kind of trading you want to do, how much risk you want to assume, how many systems you want to move the assets.

There’s tons of different methods for making ISK trading.

I’ve known people just to put up scattered region buy orders, wait for people to dump items at little to no cost because of laziness, then you run around in a cloaky hauler picking it all up and setting it up on a market.

Depending on your standing and skills, you can margin trade in any major trade hub and make good money with low margins on high volume, constant-updates to your orders.

It really depends on how much effort you want to put into something.

It’s also good to detach yourself from any single margin on any single item, because most likely someone will close those gaps for you faster than you can make good bank on it. It’s much better to diversify your trading portfolio.

For a lot of items if you set a decent price you can just leave it for a week or two and it will fill. With over 300 order slots you typically have something to relist each day. And probably a few items that are doing well enough it makes sense to update a bit more frequently. Doing it every 5 mins would drive me nuts, the only way I can do anything like that is if I’m just looking at one item and watching netflix or something.

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