Regulations for sov-holders to bring balance

Null-sec sov-holding alliances characters to block from possibility to have (and to create) twinks out from an alliance. Also restrict by IP and MAC possibility to create alts out from alliance.

So when a player who is in sov-holding alliance want to create another toon there will be predefined allegiance for it.

There are plenty of topics in this section regarding some mechanics issues. This regulation will help to solve many of them.

Incase you didn’t know your allegiance is to yourself good friends are hard to come by.

What issues would this fix? Be specific.

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Obviously wants to stop spies and awoxers.
But why is spying and awoxing an issue?

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“Twink” is not what you think it means.

No, from the link he made in another thread to this one (the forum shows that just below the OP), it seems the intention of this is to stop the ganking of freighters in highsec somehow.

How isn’t clear to me. Maybe he thinks everyone who preys on freighter in highsec is a nullsec alt? But even if this was true and this idea was implemented, how would linking highsec gank alts with a nullsec group change anything?

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Do everyone a favor and just go back to World of Warcraft.


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