Reimbursement Information for Pilots Who Pre-Ordered the Levitating Nyx

Have you tried creating a 3D Printed model of the Nyx and then use Quantum Levitation that can be seen in this video?

How it would work is a, channels would be built into the Nyx model during its 3D Printing process. The channels are then lined with a sapphire crystal coated super conductor, as well as making certain to leave a fill port for the liquid nitrogen. The model is then bonded together and voila. Quantum Levitation.


Kind of sad to see this project go, I was planning to buy one

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You should all buy player made EvE merch. The models that the playerbase has been coming out with have been really high quality, even if they don’t levitate. EvE merchandise is such a trainwreck right now the copyright infringing stuff is probably the better option in terms of price and embarrassingly also quality.

Did anyone ever actually expect to receive the thousand buck floating Nyx? It always looked like a Jita scam to me, and here we are…


If you paid with a credit card, you can still do a charge back.

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Why isn’t CCP suing these jokers for screwing up their name?


Never preorder, simple. Without preorder there would be no problem for players.

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I think it is pretty cool that CCP are reimbursing players out of their own Wallet.

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The last I heard VISA reduced their window from 45 to 30 days, so I doubt your info is useful. The Nyx deal was yonks ago. Anyone that signed up has been Jita-scammed for real by now.


That video is amazing… but that tech is clearly not ready for home use :wink: Needs a “room temperature” superconductor AND a final product has to compete on price with conventional magnet tricks.

It’s a crappy situation, but I can’t help but think that for US$100 (or US$1,800!!) you could have been flying a “real” Nyx with an EVE (Omega) subscription…

(Hashtag: Love EVE? Pay cash.)

I remember back in the old days when pre-ordering was just a way of gauging customer interest. But then someone in corporate found out how to make a barge load of money with that method. Imagine having all of that money at your disposal and you haven’t even finished the product yet (Star Citizen).

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I ordered a 50cm long Avatar 3D print from that looks really amazing, still have to paint it as it’s all white currently. He can print all EVE ships upon request.

Isn’t that cheating though since you can get a titan from the local adult store?


Let me help to understand situation. CCP accepted some sort of merchandise from 3rd party, that didn’t exist, that no one knows who they are, received part of royalty and after a while reimburse players up to 100$ for it in in-game currency). Isn’t it a scam in real world? I understand that CCP plays fair in here, but perhaps the fault is that they accepted a deal in the first place and you should at very least reimburse in full in game currency multiplied by let say 150%?

All of this begs one question, what the hell is going on with CCP?

To be clear, CCP has received no share from the pre-orders that were paid by members of the community. The only payment CCP received from Project TriForce was a small advance against future royalties as part of the license agreement.

I’m no financial expert here but I don’t think an advance counts as a royalty. And even if CCP refunds that advance, it’s doubtful TriForce will use that advance to refund the customers they ripped off.


CCP make this instead of promising floating NYX from some shady guys that belong in Jita local. :wink:


Reimbursement via PLEX, uhm no. There are consumer laws about this sort of thing.

And those laws apply to triforce. Ccp did not receive the money from pre orders if you read the blog. Ccp are just choosing to support their players who have been hung out to dry by triforce.


Sad that so many people got ripped off. Other people have suggested it and I recommend it as well: CCP a/o the players in question who got scammed should file a class-action lawsuit against Triforce for fraud.

As @Nevyn_Auscent pointed out, those consumer laws on the subject of cash refunds apply only to the TriForce since they were the onces that made the promise in the first place. When they failed to keep their promise and then failed to provide a refund of the money they got from consumers despite attempts by CCP and the consumers to contact them for it, CCP decided to go out of their way to help out in any way they can.