Reimbursement Information for Pilots Who Pre-Ordered the Levitating Nyx

(Wavemistress Moidel) #45

What a shame i always did wonder what had happened to that cool Nyx design. A damn shame its time CCP joined up with Airfix to bring us our internetz spaceships. If I had access to all the ship models i can say with certainty purchasing and building them would be high on my real life list of things to do. I would want them all.

(Ildrara) #47

I thought CCP was okay with scamming. They are spamming in Jita every day.

(Mikel Laurentson) #48

Quick math check: if 2860 plex are worth $100, a plex is about 3.4 cents? I know I’ve been out of the game a while but that seems off.

(SCV'Argos) #49

Plex has been split into 500 pieces. The “old” plex now is 500 plex. As I remember, it was done to add flexibility to plex trade and SKINs store.

(Shailagh Rose) #50

Anyone actually get a refund yet?

(CCP Falcon) #51

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