Reimbursement Information for Pilots Who Pre-Ordered the Levitating Nyx

(CCP Falcon) #1

As per the announcement made on February 13th in this news item, the Levitating Nyx Project has been cancelled due to repeated delays and uncertainty regarding a delivery timeline.

It’s become apparent over the course of the last few weeks that members of the community who paid deposits for the Levitating Nyx are receiving no response from Project TriForce regarding refunds for their pre-orders.

Here’s a dev blog with a little more information in it relating to how pilots can claim back their $100 deposit in PLEX directly from CCP if they’d like to do so.

(CCP Falcon) #2

Reserving this post in case there’s any common questions that people ask :slight_smile:

(Fredlah) #3

R.I.P floating Nyx :’(

(Teinyhr) #4

What a shame. The thing was hella cool and would’ve probably preordered one myself weren’t I broke when it was announced.

Best of luck to those who paid full price up front to get their refunds, though it looks like the people behind this seem to have just ran with the money if even CCP can’t get a hold of them. And I can totally understand CCP’s stance on not refunding the full payments due to verification problems. :confused:

(Momiji Sakora) #5

Very sad news indeed, this couldn’t have been easy. Thank you for the information Falcon.

(virm pasuul) #6

Thanks to CCP for trying to right a wrong someone else made.

(kornidos) #7

Hi quick question what if you have proof you reserved the ship but cannot find the code for the ship skin?

(Avraham Avinu) #8

If it’s a significant amount of money, someone might want to file a class-action lawsuit(against Triforce). It’s unfortunate CCP got ripped off similar to the players who purchased.

(Nana Skalski) #9

Triforce? I thought I have seen that character in Jita local, spamming scams. :thinking:

(Selnix) #11

The big question is how to arrange magnets within a 3D printed Nyx to allow it to levitate.

(Ijon-Tichy) #12

Found them on LinkedIn if that is of any help:

(Acac Sunflyier) #13


Hey Falcon,

Have you tried contacting the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York? Based on the details provided, it looks like an entity (Project TriForce, LLC. 767 3rd Ave #35b, New York, NY 10017) had people from across state and country lines pay them thousands of dollars with no delivery, and in they process, they’ve damaged your Corporation’s name. This may be an indication of ongoing fraud.

Here is the contact information for the Office. Have an agent tell them that CCP wants to lodge a complaint against a US Entity that is within their District. Provide them the facts of what happened as you know it, the address of the company, who your POC was, etc. I’d wait until you have a good idea of how many people were harmed. Perhaps, use the list of people asking for the 100 dollar reimbursement as a reference point when you reach out to them so that the Attorney’s Office knows how many people were harmed. Enforcing the Interstate Commerce Clause and protecting the people from this type of action is exactly in their preview.

It may not yeild any results or it may get you and your player base the refund they desire.



(Miulan Ng) #14

So the Better Business Bureau gives Project Triforce an “F” rating for among other things, taking money without delivering product:

(Miulan Ng) #15

Ooh- is the character name still available?!?!? :poop:

(Acac Sunflyier) #17

So the Better Business Bureau gives Project Triforce an “F” rating for among other things, taking money without delivering product:

Sounds like CCP didn’t do their research.

(Akami Mieyli) #19

ever stop to think maybe they got the “F” rating BECAUSE of CCP?

(Arthur Aihaken) #20

I liked this comment on Reddit: “Baited on a floating Nyx”.

(AJ Osiris) #22

Why cant we have anyone that plays this game, simply work to make these for the players to be able to buy directly from the CCP merchandise store?

(AJ Osiris) #23

Can we simply have someone that plays this game, make these as well as others for us to be able to buy from the CCP merchandise store?

(Arvyn Nomatsu) #24

They had been in business and delivering lots of cool products for a while tho looks like things have changed lasy year and they’ve decided to just take whatever $ they can and flee … tho looks like they are still trying to carry on with business as usual from their website … just with lots of very unhappy customers. :frowning: