Rejoining Rookie Help channel

The last time I played this game seems to be about a decade ago. Is there any way to gain entry into the Rookie Help channel? This toon has 25m SP, but that was mostly gained through carebear activities and logging in just to update my skill queue. Despite my SP, I’d still like to engage in that channel, because I feel like a rookie after not playing for such a long time. I am aware of the Help channel, but it doesn’t seem as populated as the Rookie Help channel.

I’m playing under a new Omega clone account and am answering basic questions in the Rookie Help Channel, but I’d much raher be able to answer those quesitons under my main account. I still love the game and will continue to play, but I would cherish the opportunity to help & encourage new players.


Are you new or a vet then? I’m confused if you want help or to help others.

EDIT : Just looked up SPORTS in game and it’s not you :confused:

A little bit of both. I can answer most of the basic questions asked by new players in the Rookie Help channel, while also having questions of my own as an old casual player coming back after a long hiatus from the game.

Also there’s a zero instead of an O in my name.

It’s not that big of a deal, but I enjoy interacting with the new players and would like to do so with this toon.

No worries. Contact me in-game.

The ‘O’ is a zero.

A reminder for everyone, rookie help is there for players whose accounts are under 30 days of age. Anyone in that channel is expected to follow the rules, this includes older characters.

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