Related skill for modules (skillmap)?


Is there a way to find all the relevant relations between modules and skills. I use EVEMon for planning but I can see only the necesarry skills for a module or the necessary skill for another.

I want to find out which skill are affecting modules, e. g. which skills do I have to level up to max the damage of light missiles? I donT speak about the necessary skills to use the module I want all the related skills :wink:

I there a kind of a skill chart for improvments for modules? I search the net but I only found skill maps for requirements.

Thanks in adavance

might want to try pyfa, you can simulate fits and you can right click on any module and adjust skill levels for skills that affect the module and ship

or if you just want to look in game you can check the mastery tab on a ship. If you want to know about light missiles the kestrel is a good ship to check the light missiles tab. Note it also includes rockets and rocket specialization but they don’t change light missile damage.

EFT also works for this, you can set up a ship, then right click on the module and see (and change) every skill that effects that module.

which modules are impacted by weapon upgrade ? All as long as you equip a turret because the resource CPU is shared by all modules.

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