Remote Repairing EDENCOM NPC Ships at a Empiral Cyno

Today I purchased an Osprey to help repair EDENCOM NPC ships in the Triglavian Empire Cynos.

What is very odd is that I get a payout from the Triglavian Concave or whatever its called for repping the ships of their enemy, which is EDENCOM NPC’s at the sites.

My average payout is 1.282 to 1.381 mil as a solo EDENCOM Osprey repping allied NPC’s versus a 10-15 ship Kyber Fleet.

When soloing a site against a Kyber BS the payout was 5.985 mil.

What I don’t understand is why are the Triglavians awarding me ISK for keeping their enemies ships alive?


File a bug report in game with specific details. If there is an assiciated standings change qith either or both factioms, mention that too


This happens on both sides, and really should be fixed.
Totally borken.

No don’t fix it because when I rep the trigs in the edencom sites I get loyalty points also :laughing:.
Zero risk LP farming is nice

@CCP_Dopamine this is a big problem

I’m certain that a Dev will be along, eventually and read this thread.

I only ran five sites where I repped EdenCom ships. I got a pay out from the Trigs, not certain if there was any loyalty points awarded though.

If in edencom site repping trigs I got 54 LP per site and the payout depends how many people are there

I was repping Edencom ships in a site that the Kybers run.

Why would the Trigs give you ISK and LP for keeping their Kybernaughts from destroying Edencom ships?

Because they are all in on it. It is a conspiracy.

Could we get some PvE content where we get paid remote assisting NPCs? that sounded pretty cool.

It’s spelled imperial.

You do get paid if you reps trig npcs while edencom try to kill em
So long as you rep a ship in the 3 wave you get a portion of the payout +54lp

But why do you get ISK and LP from the Trigs when you rep ENDENCOM NPC’s that the Kybers are fighting?

Basically the Trigs seem to be rewarding Non-Kybers with LP and ISK for making it harder for the Kybers to achieve their goal. Now why would the Trigs have such a system?

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Payment maybe to make offensive logistics something worth doing ?

You are not getting the point. The payout is coming from the Triglavians as a result of repping EDENCOM NPC ships. Why would the Triglavians reward someone for slowing their take over of the system?

Because it lets them spend more time in The Flow.

Uh ok maybe I wasn’t clear.

I’m pro trig I’m repping trig ships not edencom

basically payout is distributed between players on grid and game mechanic responsible for that is not aware of whattheheckyouweredoinginthesite

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Offensive logistics is fun

And profitable.

I highly recommend anyone to rep for EDENCOM, you don’t need standings and you make DANK ISK.

ps. bring your salvage drones too