Remoting Eve

How does one run 6 accounts from a phone?

I noticed that a very large ice mining fleet was being attack and they did not try to defend themselves. I put in local, bot fleet you are being attacked, about 2 minutes later a character said not bot playing from phone.

Does remoting Eve like that break the EULA?

I dont see the problem if they are all omega and no automation is involved. I doubt any game rule can forbid remote accessing your own computer.

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Maybe they lied to you. Maybe they are really botting but just dont want to get banned.

Either way, remote playing from your phone isnt a violation of the EULA, but I think its also very very difficult to do so, so may be that he is botting and simply told you he isnt because he doesnt want to be banned.


Strange, first people say bots always warping away when someone enters system and now got people saying bots aren’t doing anything when being attacked.

Maybe he was actually remote playing by phone, could be lag or issuing commands is difficult to do which made his fleet appear to not be defending itself.

There are expensive, well programmed Bots, and then there are stupid, cheaply designed Bots.

Its no more a mystery than finding someone who is a neurosurgeon, and another person who cant tie their shoelaces. Each person can be different, and many bots can be different too.

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The fleet I am talking about was being attack by 4 NPCs.

Ok, and …

Hell, there could be any number of reasons why that was happening.

Anyway, it’s starting to seem like almost every thread ends up about bots, like a massive bot panic attack is raging through these forums.

No input automaters.

I can use my tablet and Teamviewer to play (been doing so for maybe 3-4 years now)

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