Remove alts

Fix everything at once :slight_smile:

Edit: talking about multi boxing, having multiple characters to log at different times would not be changed.

Edit 2: How to enforce? Mandatory gov ID to be bound to each account. Bots and cheaters will run out of friends to borrow ID from and forging that is very illegal.


If you overhaul jump mechanics and freighters it might be possible to get away with no alts. You’d still have a massive problem with SP or PI farms. Not sure with VM and VPNs you’d be able to limit anything at this point.

While returning to the ancient good old days of one pilot per player it is unlikely that alts (second and third character on same account) will have any effect if removed. Will merely encourage more alpha accounts or increase the cost of plexing and drive people away.

So you’re talking about one account per player.
Might be too hard to enforce.

CCP dropping ~50% of their revenue, sounds like a plan for a healthy EVE.


Must provide government ID to bind to account, easy. Get caught and both human beings banned, not just their easy to make email. Bots will run out of friends to borrow cards from and forging government ID is very illegal not just against an internet game EULA.

Reason most of my friends don’t want to play is because there’s no real reason to not have two battleships(example obviously) at the same time or three or four or so on and whoever does is better than you. I think if this game was one account it would be much more popular and much less botting would happen.

VM and VPN would make that impossible to enforce. Getting rid of alpha accounts altogether is a good start though…

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I have to wonder where you live with that sort of answer.
It may not be easy or even legal to ask for players to submit a “government ID”.

Certainly, I would have to check the legality of submitting a scan of my driver’s licence or passports (yes, two) to a company in another country.


Yeah…I’m not going to hand over a copy of photo ID full of personal information to play a video game…

Not even going to get into the legal and compliance ramifications of collecting and storing that information on a global basis.

I appreciate the thought on how to address this issue, but…no.

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My driver’s license number is 1111111. It’s not like they can actually check.

There’s nothing wrong with alts.

This isn’t China, or some other authoritarian dystopia.

Incidentally, not even China manages to enforce that ■■■■ fully.

Good point. That’s simply not allowed here, in any form that a company might use it for verification of identity.

If you think I’m giving any game developer my ID, social security number, or anything else, you’re absolutely friggin’ nuts. Banks can’t even keep your details safe, you think I trust any of these frequently hacked clowns that run mmos with it?

In your dreams. The rest of the world isn’t Korea ( the only country I know that makes you link personal ID to game accounts ).


If by “fix” you mean “end”, sure. Think about it: If you don’t force players to identify themselves upon registration, this could not be enforced. So, as you say, you would need to show your gorernment ID. How willing do you think would a clueless but interested new player be to register for an online game that demands their ID card right away? And how long do you think verification would take for those countries that don’t have online ID services, or people that have an old ID card that doesn’t support online identification yet? Do you think players would be willing to wait that long?

And what about the current players, many of which have multiple accounts? Do you think they would just take the loss and keep playing? Because I think most of them would just quit.

So, you’d be left with a severely decimated playerbase and reduced influx of new players all of a sudden. How exactly is that supposed to fix anything?

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This ID thingy certainly would see me leave the game, it’s a game with only digital value, while some amusement can be had it is not worth giving up so much privacy in exchange for something that is virtual.

Erm… You can only multibox if all of the accounts involved are Omegas. Which means you’re funding CCP for all those Alts. Pretty sure they like being paid.

Also, they purposely made the Launcher capable of starting multiple clients simultaneously. Which means they encourage people using Omega Alts.

So… No, your idea is bad. And you should feel bad.

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I see people still like to feed the trolls around here. :grimacing:

Of course! At least the forums aren’t that dead quite yet.

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You are not allowed to use a 1 input macro to control more than 1 ship in EvE. So therefore all ship controls are controlled individually. Yes they have more ships but they have much more to control. At least this way alts are not as powerful as they could be.

However you could argue EvE’s fleet warp mechanic violates its own tos.