Remove normal cynos from game

No, PvP is a consequence of everything this game was built around. Sov being more or less the crown jewel of that.

Credibility 0, talk about the sky is falling.

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As Salt pointed out, there are entire swaths of game mechanics dedicated to “owning” space. Yes, you have to fight for it, and yes it’s vulnerable at all times, but you still own it. Even in your example of a docked ship, you still own that ship when you undock with it, it’s just vulnerable to attack like sovereign space is.

Pretty much every military strategist since, like, the dawn of time has said this in some way, shape, or form. In war, real war, you don’t look for fair fights, you look for fights where you have the advantage. That’s the whole point of military strategy.

Players who whine about not getting fair fights look at EvE as a sport. Players who look for every advantage they can get look at EvE more like a war.

EvE is war, and in war, the victors don’t ever fight fair.

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These nullbear arguments:

I’m entitled to autowin battles because there’s a feature that definitely wasn’t introduced so I could autowin battles.

I like the idea but I think players are more concerned about cloaky ships hiding indefinitely either to pick off easy targets, or spy so larger fleets can gank much smaller ones.

ye but theyre under the illusion that most of these types of people dont already have actual spies in their alliance already and through their misplaced fear and misguided way of playing the game they come up with allsorts of different ways and excuses and and well; id rather have a minigame to make it interesting for both parties than whatever a carebear wants for safety; want safety from cloakies?

move faster than 500m/s
dont sit on the warp in
ecm drones
bubbles and cyno inhibs if mining
freinds and support; actually sell ships cheap to your pvpers not give some bs excuse about ‘cost effective’ which forces them to basically just say f’ u i’ll bring my own ■■■■ from jita.

I have no real sympathy for many that get caught, its usually their own fault.

If you’re fighting “fair…” You’re doing it wrong.

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If you’rre tying to counter my arguments, you’re doing it wrong.

I think we agree. I’m not trying to save people from stupidity, particularly outside of hisec.

Real PvP in this game is by far the best thing in it. PvE is mind-numbingly dull in comparison and don’t get me started on mining.

For a game that was designed around real PvP, it’s sad it’s so rare.

So I’m not arguing to make space safer. I’ve been calling for the ‘opt-in local’ for nullsec for years. I’m arguing to nerf asset safety in another thread.

I haven’t played in a while so I don’t really care.
But it is basic game design that, ideally, fights should be fair. If you die it should be because you performed badly, or because you made a foreseeable mistake.
Not because of a lame one-sided battle via some game mechanism that discourages great, fair battles.


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