Remove the cloaky warp trick


A pita?

This crispy greek bread filled with meat,onions,vegetables and zaziki? :slight_smile:


Agreed, cloaky warp trick, ganking, and ship align/warp speed are mistakes CCP’s programming allows for, and yet CCP never does anything to fix it. If you are not a covert ops ship, you should not have any hinderance on your locking. Ganking is made possible but inadequate shields/armor/hull hitpoints on all ships, that and bumping and concord delayed response, but could easily be fixed or tweeked by adding hitpoints by percentage to all ships, it would also allow for a ship battle to last more then a few seconds as well. A ship of the same class should always be allowed to catch another ship of that class… Example remote seboed frig with a zillion scan res, can’t catch another frig, cause of server tick and his ablity to get into warp because of server tick and module activation lag.

You wonder why eve is no fun anymore, everyone can get through a gatecamp because of game mechanics, everyone can see you in local so they know your their, and if they still can’t figure it out with all of that crap, here let me take my nullified interceptor…and if I am going to fly a real ship that I took time to train and get into with excitement, only to sit in warp for an hour in my battleship to have a fleet op fight… Ya keep appeasing the passive people who don’t want any destruction only empire building… We can have a new game!!! SimEve!

Don’t let this post die yet it was such a fun read!

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You say that and I used to do that but about a year to six months ago I found that it was not working as well with fits that were not setup to align really fast and I noticed that if I cloaked and MWD’d it would not work properly at all. So now I MWD cloak.

I bet you used the T1 cloak. You can make it work even with DST, if you fit for it.

No. It’s a smart move. An efficient move. A good use of game mechanics.

Stop crying because your I-win button doesn’t work on every ■■■■■■■ ship in the game.


Improved actually in all cases.

If you’re solo camping, can’t you just drop cargo containers all around the gate preventing a recloak because of being within 2,000 of an object?

In that case it should work for most ships, some might need istabs.

no you can’t.

Ideally, you want people to feel as safe as possible jumping between systems. The safer they are, the more trips they make - and the more they haul.

You (the gate camper) will have more traffic, and more drops when someone is unlucky enough to get caught.


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